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Mallorca Real Estate: New super-yacht harbor for Mallorca


The construction work is still ongoing, but should in the expanded port at El Toro 1 June, the first yachts moor.

When Isabel Teruel gets into his car, to show visitors the new super-Mole, patience is required. Port Adriano is a huge construction site - the minute whirling dust on truck, yacht owners carts up their boats on trailers and at least half a dozen construction workers tried to direct traffic in orderly lines. "I'm the director here," Teruel faces a man with Leitkelle clear that it can happen eventually.

More than a hundred construction workers are currently making to create in Port Adriano. The countdown is on 1 June to tie in the marina at El Toro in the south west of Mallorca, the first super-yachts - floating villas of up to 60 meters in length. As long as it is landing in Majorca otherwise only in the Club de Mar in Palma. "And there is nothing free," says Teruel.

The port director is in Mallorca in the fortunate exceptional situation, that her 80-million project to expand the port on schedule is on the stage - in contrast to Baustopps in housing developments, financial issues such as the Congress Palace and the political bickering and harassing fire from environmentalists as among the golf courses Son Baco and Son Bosc. "We had to wait three years for approval," said Teruel. Among other Brussels had a say.

Moreover, brought environmentalists and citizens initiative SOS Can Vairet, named after the name of the region in position. They tried to the last, to prevent the construction work. Main argument: The enlargement of the port would destroy the ecosystem valuable seagrass meadows. The Port Authority denies this and refers to other opinions.

Work finally began in fall 2007. To 398 existing berths are added 82 new. Alone, 27 of which are intended for yachts of less than 40 feet in length. Place they can find on a new pier, the port can grow out into the sea. There is currently concreted and asphalted. Diver sink square concrete blocks with chains to anchor the ships, so-called Moorings. The bollards on the pier - in the exclusive design of the Frenchman Philippe Starck put - even under protective plastic.

The more than 30 tons and tons of concrete blocks that make up the Außenmole, had been dragged from Castellon, near Valencia, reports the port director. At a height of 10.5 meters would fall storms - in contrast to sturmgeplagten port of Andratx - no chance. "Here comes across just a little spray."

In fine weather, however, the protective wall serves as a promenade. Only from there yet the sea is visible. Another attraction will be the shopping mile in the avant-garde design by Philippe Starck. The Innenmole offers 4,000 square meters of space for restaurants, jewelry stores, real estate agencies and boutiques. am currently still negotiating with interested parties on the premises, says the port director, reveals but already, who at the front of the shopping area, there are where stairs lead into the water, one prominent place will be found: "East", an import from the Hamburg restaurant scene.

Anyway, around 40 percent of the German yacht owners. The company Ocibar, Port Adriano is attracting the customers with his presence on the neighboring islands of Menorca (S'Altra Banda) and Ibiza (Ibiza Magna). Behind Ocibar are, according to Teruel Mallorcan family firm - in time for the financing of the port expansion also bumped the Banca March.

When creating from June, the first boats, the port is far from being finished. The shopping area is prepared end of the year, the remaining work to be completed no later than the summer season 2011th It also includes an underground parking level - because of the proximity to the coast a complex matter. Moreover, the steep slope had to be pulled down seven meters deep. Already completed work on the restoration of the beach towards the harbor entrance - it was filled with sand, brought the dredging of the harbor basin have are. The sea was here before in places only four feet deep, seven-meter yachts are now offering enough space for the depth of the super. And so there are no queues at the gas station - they will have four 50,000-liter tanks - everyone gets in Port Adriano berth for yachts from 20 meters and a separate pump.

And even if the port expansion is complete, come no peace. Because the present building in the port do not fit then the Nouvelle design. "We will renew the facades with a make-up," said Port Director. Worthwhile That the investment, because it leaves no doubt. For many years, have interested many places waiting for Mallorca on the allocation of a berth. Even in times of economic crisis were the Moorings on Majorca in short supply - and in the case of 40-meter yachts anyway.