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Mallorca Real Estate: New Rates for mailboxes


Anyone who does anything outside of the Majorcan cities and towns, receives his mail often does not go home. Spanish postman supplies to each household. A mailbox ( "apartado de correos") is the solution for many islanders. Now the prices of these services are, however, increased dramatically.
Especially in Andratx, the new rules seem to be consistently implemented. From there, there were several complaints by outraged last postal customers. "Suddenly I want to pay four times as much for the mailbox," says a German resident in the district of Sa Coma.
In fact, Spain is considered a new tariff for mailboxes, confirmed the spokesperson of the post office in Palma, Abel Perez. The regime was not a new problem, but now they will first implemented. Accordingly, the annual rate for a mailbox continues 64'38 euros (from the second year are 53'36 euros), but now has to any person who is intended to be accessible via the mailbox to be entered separately as to dispose of - and also pay a fee .
In addition to the main tenant of the mailbox ( "titular"), it can give up to four to dispose of ( "titulares adicionales"). While the main tenant to pay the full annual rate must be, for each additional person Euro 38'98 "user fee" due. Could a family of four previously used for just over 50 euros a year, the mailbox, now almost $ 200 due. In the future, will only be stored programs, according to Abel Perez in the mailboxes, which the principal tenant or registered to dispose addressed.
But one thing seems to have the Spanish postal service is not considered here: For obtaining letters of a mailbox, it is perfectly adequate, indicate on the envelope the post office box number, postal code and location of the postal retail outlet. In this way, multiple people can continue to receive shipments on a mailbox without the fee will be charged on several occasions as one admits to "Correos". Access to the mailbox but then have only the main tenant.