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Mallorca Real Estate: New corruption scandal rocked Balearic Government


Director-General for tourism promotion arrested

The new corruption scandal surrounding the Balearic Ministry of Tourism is becoming sharper. This is the second highest political authority, the Director-General for tourism promotion Joan Sastre, was arrested on Thursday. He is suspected of having embezzled public funds through illegal contract awards.
The anti-corruption authorities took on Wednesday and Thursday found 13 people, including employees of the Office for Tourism Strategy (Inestur). These were among many members of the small government party Majorcan Union (UM).
The officials raided several offices and determined against 23 companies. It is the first time that politicians because of possible, find themselves in the current legislature committed crimes targeted by the judiciary.
Recent developments have a direct impact on the already strained coalition government: the socialist Prime Minister Francesc Antich drastic measures announced he wanted to announce on Friday. On the websites of various left-wing politicians have already speculated that would Antich may quit the coalition with the UM.
The UM leaders released the arrested members of a provisional basis of their political duties, but stressed their innocence. Joan Sastre had illegally appropriated not a single euro, "said party leader Josep Melià

Ex-CEO of the Tourism Bureau Inestur arrested

A new allegations of taking a Unterbehörde Majorca of the Balearic Tourism Ministry. The former Managing Director of the Office for Tourism Strategy (Inestur), Antoni Oliver, accused of embezzling public funds. The amount of damage is not clear, but it is estimated at several hundred thousand euros.
Antoni Oliver was arrested on Wednesday. Judicial officers raided the offices of 13 hours Inestur in the technology business park at Parc Bit Palma and put boxes of papers and documents secure.
According to vacate the Balearic government must Oliver his present position in the Balearic Ministry of Environment. He was transferred in December in the environment Abteiling after Miquel Ferrer new tourism minister had become.
Antoni Oliver is a member of the small government party Majorcan Union (UM), which has been rocked for over a year by a series of corruption cases.


Balearic president accuses coalition of Majorcan Union

A total of 14 influential politicians in Mallorca UM arrested for suspected corruption, including the Director of Tourism Advertising, Joan Sastre.
A new case of corruption, the Balearic government again plunged into a serious crisis. The center-left coalition of Prime Minister Francesc Antich threatens to break up. As Friday morning (5.2.) Was known to be Antich During the day its government partner, the Majorcan Union (UM), thrown out of the center-left coalition. Just hours after police ex-chief Tourism Miquel Nadal in the town hall of Palma have been arrested for involvement in the corruption scandal. A total of 14 politicians have been arrested so far.

Already on Thursday morning (4.2.) Police arrested in connection with the so-called operation "Toto" the Director of Tourism Advertising, Joan Sastre. The UM-politician (Majorcan Union) is considered the second man in the influential Ministry of Tourism. One day before was with his party colleagues Antoni Oliver, the former director of the Institute for Tourism Development (Inestur) were arrested. Against Antoni Oliver is investigating the alleged embezzlement of funds in his former position as managing director of the Institute for Tourism Development. He should have provided friendly entrepreneur with orders. Oliver was arrested in his office at the Ministry of Environment. There he took over after his retirement at the department Inestur quality control.

In connection with the case, the police also arrested two entrepreneurs in Pollença and two Inestur-workers. The offices of the Tourism Institute at Palmas Technology Park ParcBit have searched for hours. The extent to Joan Sastre is involved in the case, was on Thursday afternoon, not sure yet.

Both politicians belong to the critical wing of the UM, which had been shaken in the past by a number of corruption cases. The UM is part of the governing alliance of socialists and nationalists on the islands. The Balearic Minister Antich (PSOE) announced the release of Oliver. The conservative opposition party PP Antich urged to apologize for the corruption cases.