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Mallorca Real Estate: New beach for Palma de Mallorca


Instead of "Ballermann" is on the famous stretch of beach in Majorca create a stylish tourist precinct. The first hotel has been demolished.

"Acclaimed as the" cradle of package tourism, was the Playa de Palma (Platja de Palma) once a showpiece of Mallorca. But in the eighties, degenerated into the six-kilometer stretch of beach between Can Pastilla and El Arenal (Arenal).
"Sun booze, sex, and were" at the "Ballermann announced. Some 40,000 hotel beds and 34,000 apartments clustered in this area. For years was discussed on the Balearic island, as is clear from the Playa de Palma Tourism can make a stylish mile - momentum is now the case.
The first hotels were renovated, expanded green space, the Hotel Real Nautic "comes in first among the wrecking ball. Who wants to relive the old Playa de Palma, no longer has endless time.
The Consortium for the Transformation of the Playa de Palma wants to present final in the spring of 2010 the master plan. A Rotterdam office has received an order for it and already have ideas developed - with lots of greenery, water barrels, the dismantling of buildings, landscaped courtyards, a convention center and a suburban railway line from Palma.
The projects also include "Internet for all" and the ambitious goal of becoming Europe's first carbon-neutral neighborhood. Around three billion euros to the cost of ten-year project.
"We are a destination of the first generation that dies slowly," said Margarita Nájera, former Mayor of Calvia and director of Consorcio Playa de Palma ". Many hotels are from the sixties, and have sometimes even two-star standard. "The rooms are small and are reminiscent of prison cells. Since no one wants to live today," says Najera.
There was even hotels that are managed as an hourly hotel. Now see the concept before, in many homes combine two rooms to a room. "Quality, not quantity" is the motto: "We are willing to give up to 20,000 beds."
"We want to be world's first climate-neutral district," said Najera. Previously, there had been such projects only to new settlements, for example, in Finland. The reduction of CO2 emissions in particular through the rehabilitation of buildings, environmentally friendly transport and to achieve the use of renewable energies. They should also be enhanced while the hotel facade.
"It is the decision of the hoteliers, whether it wishes to make must pull together and renovate or close some, because nobody in their homes vacation," said the expert. There were also new investors for the overall project, but wanted to re-build.
Doubt that the project could now proceed because of the financial crisis and lack of financial support for the air travelers, has no one on the Playa de Palma. On the contrary: "The crisis will help. Because it shows that there is an urgent need for action," says Najera.
In September 2009 were 1.2 million foreign tourists to the Balearic Islands. They were 12.4 percent less than the year before. With the Germans, the drop was 11.6 percent. Between January and September a total of eight million foreign tourists have been counted in the Balearic Islands, which meant a loss of approximately nine percent.