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Mallorca Real Estate: More German retirees buy property in Mallorca

The buying of a finca or apartment in Mallorca is the beginning of the dream from a retirement in the sunny south will be come true. Here are the most important tips for the disbursement of the German pension on Majorca.

Where and how do I apply for my pension?
The German and the Spanish pension must be applied in principle in the current state of residence. where there are no insurance, you can also contact the insurance carrier of the country, where are modified contributions have been paid. For this principle, the normal typical application form must be used, which is also the same as an application in all other EU countries where you have worked or lived. Sun duplicate applications will be avoided in several languages.

Can German workers in Spain make Spanish with little knowledge of its application in Germany?
Yes. The German Pension Fund will not refuse such a request. But first point is basically the pension insurance institution of the country of residence. Otherwise, complications are expected, if next to a German and a Spanish pension is to be occupied. In this case, an application of the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS will be made) because it is otherwise consisted of the Spanish side on a separate application. For the European Community rules on an application explicitly point out in the country of residence if it has been paid into this in a pension fund. In addition, the administrative burden falls lower. For if both pensions begin about the same time, had only one application will be made to initiate the retirement process in both countries.

Have documents from Germany on production in Spain before translated?
The pension insurance institutions are working together with in-house translators and translation agencies. I recommend trying it first without translation.

Which documents do I need for the application of the pension?
In principle, always have to bring an identity document (identity card, passport or similar), identification numbers, and - if available - the latest in the possession insurance history can be reviewed so that all the insurance periods are included.

How important is it to set aside each year MAILED deposit certificates of the Spanish Social Security?
As in Germany, it should generally be sufficient, only the last and therefore
repeal recent survey of the insurance periods. If any discrepancies or inconsistencies occur, you should contact the Spanish authorities Tesoreria de la Seguridad Social.

How long should I apply for retirement before the pension?
A rough formula for applying for German pensions to residents abroad is that an application for about five months before the requested date, should be made so that all parties have sufficient time to exchange data. At the latest must be applied for the German pension three calendar months when the conditions so that these can still be granted retroactively. You may also reach typical arrangements. If the pension is the same each time starts, it must therefore be weighed in each case whether a less bureaucracy, or a timely payment is important.

What documents do I need to have clarified before the pension my account?
First of all documents should be made available, in which the data is still incomplete. This includes documentation of the regular school education and technical and university (from consummate age of 17). Here, too, should always be personal documents are submitted and - if child-rearing also be invoked - including the children's birth certificates. At times it may happen that unemployment periods are not recorded properly or employment, especially before 1973, before the introduction of automatic data transmission, are missing. In this case, you should bring proof of insurance cards or old, if you still have these. In addition, it is advisable to bring teaching materials or documents of even by the labor-funded re-training - even if they are already recognized in time.

What changes, if German is already 15 years have worked in Spain and paid into the pension fund?
But the payment of contributions over a period of 15 years, based not necessarily a claim to a Spanish pension, because in Spain there is additional to the current legal conditions to be met. Sometimes the problem is in the details. To what extent it may be advantageous to the conditions on a Spanish pension after Spanish law, that is, without the aid of additional insurance, to meet, must be evaluated individually.

What opportunities have German workers in Spain who have not paid 15 years and not yet 65 are to inform themselves about their pension rights?
In addition to offering international consultancy days can guide on the phones free service of the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (Tel: 900-16 65 65) in Spanish and will be selected in Germany on the number 0800-10 00 48 070 (with area code from Spain ) obtain. In addition, customers can chat with consultants via the DRV talking (Attention: mitverfolgbar for everyone!) or have any questions by e-mail ( to answer international consulting @ drv-bund). In addition, the site of the DRV including questions and answers catalogs.

How important is the NIE number for information on claims and at the request of the pension?
The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) simplified as a foreign counterpart to the DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad), the work, otherwise the number can only be picked out. In a separate application number should be specified in each case.

What kind of turnaround is expected in the rule?
In issuing a decision on the INSS pension is very fast, which also means that you usually only in the month to apply for retirement, in which the relevant age will be completed. If a German pension from the country of residence in Spain is requested, five months processing time must be included. This is due to complex procedures in the health and care, also be payments only to the next but one calendar month dependent.

Can I get my German pension paid to an account in Spain?
Yes. The payment, stating the BIC and IBAN codes is also charged. Only in countries outside the European Union may exchange costs to be borne.