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Mallorca Real Estate: Maria Antonia Munar - The End of an Era


In the Balearic policy is no longer what it once was. Just in time for the highest institutional holiday in the Balearics, which was celebrated on Monday, took place in Mallorca, a change that is perhaps comparable to an earthquake: almost overnight transformed the political landscape. And still is unclear what consequences this will have a break in the near future.
The last Saturday announced by the media news hit like a bombshell: The President of the Balearic Parliament, Maria Antonia Munar, resigned from her office and announced to retire from political life entirely want to. The politician, who had helped shape the political landscape like no other for the past two decades in Majorca, went to the consequences of a series of corruption scandals that their small-party Majorcan Union (UM), whose honorary chair she was shaken for a good one years .
Targeted by the Justice Munar was months ago. But as President of Parliament, they enjoyed immunity. Then, however, the allegations came from an entirely new page: Munar longtime pupil, ex-boss and former UM Balearic Tourism Minister Miquel Nadal, blamed heavy before the investigating judge his political stepmother. Munar had pressed him in her official car 300,000 euros in cash in hand so that he acquires the shares at a film production company to make it usable as an advertising medium for the party.
The Balearic corruption investigators to determine since October against the company and its employees, as well as to numerous UM politicians. The allegations relate to the past legislative period (2003-07), as yet Munar Mallorca (long) island was President of the Council and Nadal held the post of vice president. Through his statements Munar first came into direct connection with the affair.
Nadal himself had resigned only three days before the last of his political office as a council of Palma. Against the politicians currently running multiple corruption investigations. He is just paying a bail of 100,000 euros at large. In addition, he had to be deposited in judicial orders a guarantee sum for any damages of 600,000 euros.
Maria Antonia Munar dismissed the allegations Nadal's far away, but stepped back from their functions as President and members, in order, as she said not to harm the reputation of Parliament and their party.
The abdication of Majorca "uncrowned queen", as Maria Antonia Munar - MAM was called - in the media once again spun the already confused political situation in the Balearic mess again properly. The conservative opposition called for immediate elections. Prime Minister Francesc Antich, who heads since early February, a shaky minority government of Socialists and Left Bloc, however, want to hold out until the end of its term in April 2011. In a speech on the Balearic stateness day he called on all parties to see reason and cooperate for the good of the community. Equally clearly, he was firmly implied the Balearic helm of state to try to hold in your hand, he said. At the same time, he apologized to the citizens for the bleak picture that would make the political institutions at present.
The next steps of the PP opposition will emerge if the Congress has gone on this Saturday on the stage. Then it will become apparent whether the Conservatives have for the hard-liners and the moderates in charge.
A completely new and unexpected variation in the fragile relationship between the majority takes the resignation of UM Munar as deputies in parliament. List of substitutes is Crespí Mateu, Mayor of Santa Eugenia, and a rarity in the island approach, for Crespí came as an Independent on the UM list. He was a member of the Mallorca-socialist PPP. When the latter sought prior to 2007 the alliance with the Left Bloc, he did not and got into with the PPP split Entesa. Crespí feels bound neither to the UM-set still declared he wants to work with the PP. The Independent wants Antich, however, support the government.
That leaves the heavily damaged by the corruption case against UM. She now wants to convene an extraordinary congress in April, to find himself as a party from scratch.
Source: Mallorca Magazine