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Mallorca real estate: Majorca dreams of DTM race


The fact that Mallorca is the favorite island of the German, knows everyone. Now the affection for the Balearic island, are still supported by Germany's most famous car race. At least there are plans to bring DTM to Palma.

Mallorca dreams of being the top racing class. Not that Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher in the future will turn their rounds on the island. But according to newspaper reports, a German entrepreneur and Mallorca fan flirting with the idea of the German Touring Car Masters, abbreviated DTM to get to the island.
The most spectacular after the Formula 1, Nascar and the U.S. automotive competition of the Dakar Rally could start in 2011 may already be on the island. Heart of the street circuit of Monte Carlo, following the example could be the Paseo Marítimo. The other route is to run through the city. Initial discussions with the authorities appear to take place already, a result is not yet known. The German entrepreneur who is not particularly in the public would become apparent, should have been working for several years on the project.
The disadvantages of a street circuit in Palma but are not concealed. Is then necessary to the waterfront and parts of downtown for a few days will be locked, the project would also not without some modifications on the stage. How realistic a DTM race in Mallorca, is currently not clear. The umbrella organization for the competition, ITR has definitely been given an opinion.
The German Touring Car Masters has been played since 2000 and is the successor of the German Touring Car Championship, which was held until 1996. The concept of Masters was chosen because individual races are even abroad. In Spain, the DTM has already performed in Montmeló in Cheste, near Valencia and Catalonia.
A characteristic feature of DTM is that specially converted vehicles Vierliter Series V-8 Motorenbis that provide up to 470 hp, are at the start. Special chassis plastic bodies are set, the production cars are similar, but not actually with them have much to do.
Well-known brands in the field are Mercedes Benz and Audi, that engage the often thrilling duels. In the DTM drive always known former Formula 1 drivers. For example, Ralf Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, David Coulthard and Heinz-Harald Frentzen.
The next DTM race will start on 23 May in Valencia.

A German entrepreneur wants to allegedly pick up the DTM to Mallorca - the part of the ITR will be silent as to such speculation

City courses also offer the DTM always a special show. Not for nothing has the race at the Norisring to highlight in the calendar and not for nothing that draws the touring car series this year on a street circuit in China's Shanghai. If one believes the latest speculation, but could soon an accidental one another spectacular venue: Palma de Mallorca.
How the 'Mallorca Magazine reported, "wants a German entrepreneur, who lives on the Balearic island, pick up the DTM to Palma. He therefore envisions a city course à la Monte Carlo. "The pit lane on the old pier, a quick Just before the cathedral, demanding corners in the city - through Palma blows more than a touch of Monaco," the magazine describes the possible scenario.
The German entrepreneur, who still does not want to go public, drives the project forward according to the report for years. It is said to be already with the island government in relevant discussions - and a first guest performance in 2011 was already possible. A DTM race would be loud 'Mallorca Magazin' for Palma because of the extensive TV coverage is an attractive advertising platform. Tourism could benefit from this, if are lured by the spectacle in pre-season, thousands of additional tourists to the island.
The problem however is the logistics involved, if you want to build build a street circuit in Palma. For the Paseo Marítimo and other parts of the city would be closed for several days. In addition, some modifications are necessary. The report to follow, these are the points that could jeopardize the project.
The DTM in Mallorca? On this subject, '' at the ITR has Just Checking directly. It says that one "in principle to such speculation not adopt any position." It remains to be seen whether a truly race in Palma is one day reality - or whether it is not simply a dream of some less.
Source: Motorsport-Total