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Mallorca real estate: Finca Raixa in Bunyola will be renovated


The land yard, located on the outskirts of Bunyola has often been the backdrop for film and television productions. To preserve the uniqueness of the historic site will continue to be there, being carried out maintenance work. In particular, the gardens and fruit trees growing in it will be under these measures, particular attention. 1.5 million euro has provided a foundation of the Balearic Ministry of Environment for disposal.

The Island Council of Mallorca opened the historic estate Raixa for visitors. The occasion was the Mallorca Day on 12 September 2009; Finca in Bunyola can be visited every weekend until the end of the year. Open is first from 10 until 14 clock. Visitors should meet at an hour-long tour of the history of some of the extensive gardens and Catalan languages in a multilingual brochure to get Spanish, English and German.

The history of Possession goes back to the 13th Century. Today's appearance Cardinal Antoni Despuig coined in the 18th Century, he built the main building in the style of an Italian palazzo. While the buildings have been restored for a total of 20 million euros in part, to some extent modernized and determined the seat of Environment Fund, the 52 acre garden must be prepared. Eight years ago had previously been jointly acquired by Island Council and central government pre-emption, the finca, after the German fashion designer Jil Sander also had offered eight million euros.

While some of the treasures of the garden in good condition may be different for the first time, taken back by visitors in appearances - such as a staircase, which also served as the backdrop for the filming of several movies, a chapel, observation towers, Apollo and Neptune garden - for example, there is a former hedge maze only on paper.

The finca Raixa is on the road from Palma to Soller, Bunyola before a path leads to the left side of the entrance of the property.


The Finca Sa Serra de S'Alfabia with its 50 hectares of land located in close proximity to “La Raixa"is exclusively by the real estate agent AM Inmobiliaria in Santanyi for sale.