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Mallorca Real Estate: AM Real Estate Agents reports positive results

The year 2010 was one of the most successful in the more than twenty year history of the real estate agent AM Inmobiliaria y Promociones Mallorca Property in Santanyi. In all areas, the expectations and requirements were significantly exceeded.
To face successfully the real estate crisis - this is preset AM Inmobiliaria started in 2010. Already in the first quarter, the company targets have been revised significantly upward. The demand for premium real estate Mallorca remained as during the whole real estate crisis, this year remained stable and high. This was an unexpected upsurge in demand for real estate in the mid-range up to 1 million €. This has certainly contributed to the now strong economic growth in Germany to the saw a much larger number of German stakeholders in this segment is a good investment and invested in safe assets. Especially popular were villas and chalets from 500,000 € and 800,000 € in the southeast of Mallorca or near the coast. Here is a rich revenue growth of 150% could be achieved in comparison to last year. Another revenue driver was in construction stage finca land and building land settlements. Especially in light of the revision of the zoning plan by the individual communities, many investors see this long term investment with a sure prospect of high returns. Building land is in the future on Mallorca even tighter than it already is. It is no wonder that even here the number of properties sold was approximately doubled. From the second half of Mallorca, then raced clear when investors in commercial real estate more attractive. The demand for hotels, agrotourism-owner and business premises has risen markedly. Here is the in fincas, villas and apartments already shakeout to come. There are currently too many low quality commercial properties at exorbitant purchase price expectations in the market as a successful marketing makes it difficult and extremely long acquisition negotiations due. However, persistent candidates with cash on hand here yet achieve price reductions of up to 40%. In the last quarter, demand for apartments and 200,000 € has returned to the pre-crisis levels. One clear indication that the upturn is now also available in the middle and lower income groups. This segment was also the English and Spanish property buyers can be recovered. It is crucial for the positive development on the property market certainly the increased willingness of many Spanish banks to finance real estate purchases again. However, the requirements for borrowers, especially in relation to the equity position, significantly higher than before the crisis.
In the long-term rentals is a clear trend is comparable to more quality. Clear leader in the search inquiry, the finca in the countryside or the villa with sea views from 2,000 € rent up. Cheap apartments or houses are in demand only rarely. Here, the landlords are certainly required to upgrade their property according to more high-quality rental offers to supply the housing market. Not least the fact is the classification of high-quality long-term rental properties, the risk of bad debt losses should be much less provide for the providers of rental properties for a quick rethink.
In a special way, the success of the passive house in Mallorca to the good operating results contributed. The Casa Majorca Pasiva has planned now has three luxury properties as certified passive house in Mallorca which are now being implemented. The development of a five-star boutique hotels in passive house is one of our ambitious goals for the year 2011.