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Mallorca real estate: AM Inmobiliaria y Promociones Property Mallorca in new premises


The launch of Mallorca's luxury Center number 1 is at 01 th of August 2010

On 31 July 2010 receives the largest luxury mall in Spain, the construction
decrease. In La Vileta, next to the Son Moix stadium in Palma de Mallorca
is the most luxury shopping center in Spain just before its completion. From 01 August will begin the tenants with their individual interior design. At present about 20,000 m² of retail in January 2011, the most renowned companies in Europe soon their goods and services. The created according to the latest technical knowledge building is not only the new home of the AM y Promociones Inmobiliaria Mallorca SL, but under one roof the most important companies in Europe in one of the world's most desirable cities. On the second floor of the center will soon present the luxury real estate providers AM Inmobiliaria y Promociones Mallorca and manufacturer of passive houses, Casa Pasiva Majorca on a surface of 2.671m², the most exclusive real estate in Spain and throughout Europe. The new headquarters for the AM Inmobiliaria offers the interested visitor not only qualified advice in all matters relating to the subject property on Mallorca, but we see ourselves as intermediaries between investors, suppliers and authorities in Spain and Europe. With 40 highly skilled and motivated employees from all sectors of the finance and real estate, we have a team of experts in Europe equal. Our contacts with the most important financial markets of the world's expertise in global real estate sector, the intimate knowledge of the Spanish property market justify our claim the number one in real estate in Spain to be. From 1 August 2010 will start in the AM Inmobiliaria y Promociones Mallorca Properties Sl with the construction of a clinic center, which will lay claim to conquering the global leader in area cardiovascular medication. For this could be won this prestigious hospital world as a partner. This center will develop directly next to our new headquarters. For details, we will notify at the press conference on the occasion of the opening of our new Buisenesscenters.