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Mallorca Property: No building permits in Algaida for the period of one year


The community Algaida suspended for a period of one year, the adoption of building permits during this period in order to redefine the local land use under the conditions of the island government.

Affected by this measure, all new buildings, additions, conversions and consolidations of land in rural areas (Zona Rustica). The adjustment of the local building regulations (Normas Subsidiarias) to the zoning
(Plan Territorial de Mallorca) can, starting this week in the town hall Algaida be seen and you'll find later on their website for information.

One of the effects of these changes will be the future, will rise in all rural areas (Zona Rustica) in Algaida the minimum size of arable land from now on 14.000m ² 30.000m ². The aim of this measure is the preservation of aesthetics and traditions of the community Algaida. Information please call the town hall at: Phone: (+34) 971125335

Algaida Mallorca
The community Algaida on Mallorca has a total area of 89.7 kilometers ². The same city has about 2,500 inhabitants. Algaida located in the southeastern part of the island. The city's name comes from the Arabic meaning in German as much as the forest.

Known attraction is the mountain village of Randa, on which there are just three monastic sanctuaries. On the lowest terrace, the Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Gracia, one of the "Hermitage" from the 15th Century. Like a swallow's nest that was built on the edge of a mountain slope.

On the second terrace is the Santuario de Sant Honorat, which from the 14th Century dates. And finally, on the top of the mountain the Santuari nuestra Seniora de Cura. This is a Franciscan "Hermitage" and a place of activity of Ramon Llul, Mallorca's great philosophers and religious scholars. This was born in 1232, the son of a Catalan parents and his religious vision was the peaceful and intellectually fruitful coexistence of Jews, Christians and Muslims.

On the main road to Manacor few miles behind Algaida is on the right side as advertising one of the Andalusian Osborne Brandy Osborne distillery. He is the only one on Mallorca. The plate Bulle so typical for Spain, where proponents of autonomy as a symbol of foreign domination Majorcan obviously not very popular, has already had to endure several attacks, but was up again and again. As a "national heritage" is the Osborne bull Spain is even now under special protection.

Other attractions are the ways Algaidas crosses. For example, the Creu Creu transpose the Unleavened Bread and the Judges. In addition, there are many in this area, very typical for Mallorca, windmills. The hermitage of Mare de Déu de la Pau de Castellitx is a popular destination of tourists.

Nineteen miles from Palma to Manacor on the main road just before Algaida is the oldest glass factory on the island. This is the glass-making Gordiola. In the workshop of the family Gordiola you can watch the glass blowers at work on the shoulders and witness the production of the precious pieces live. The Glass Factory is housed in a castle-like walls. The huge sales rooms are fully furnished and completely on the day approaching busloads of tourists.

The prices for the high-quality ceramic and glass products here are very reasonable and affordable. Upstairs is a small museum with antique furniture and suits of armor, but also with glass art from around the world.

Even the leather supermarket Alorda attracts tourists and is popular and frequently visited and inspected. Although it's rare to find something cheap here, but what attracts the good quality of high-quality goods. In addition, there is a so-called liquor tasting in which visitors can try before you buy, once all spirits.

Retrieved from Algaida is about three kilometers to the Ermita de la Pau, the oldest church on the island. It was only recently restored and is located on a small hill. The key for the gate is available in the farm next door, but apparently it is only a worthwhile destination for tourists interested in high culture. For many visitors it has not.

One of the best known secrets of Majorcan cuisine is the restaurant Cal'dimoni. In German the name means as much as, and the devil is as much a brightly painted front door, to show visitors that they are right here.

Algaida has much to offer, especially those who are interested in glass and leather, and you want to buy such goods, because the selection of these things is practically unlimited. But even friends of the culture here find one or the other that is worth while to visit.

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