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Mallorca Property: More quality at the Playa de Palma


Majorca hotels are subject to renewal. Entrepreneurs and politicians have to negotiate a reform of antiquated laws. Because the competition near the Mediterranean Sea are not sleeping.

Once again, the politics of the economy has made a dash through the bill. 14 days ago, there was located on the Balearic Minister Francesc Antich at Playa de Palma, to learn about the modernization projects of the local hotels. And promptly he had to cancel before the deadline, as the recent corruption scandal like a boil bursting open and the government rushed back to his office to the ministers of the concerned party mini Majorcan Union (UM) from the office to kick.
But before Antich disappeared into his official car, he assured the hoteliers once again how much he modernization of the hotel landscape at heart. And he gave the following advice to fathers Hostel: The new tourist hotel deals in Playa de Palma, should the traditional type of architecture as it currently prevails to avoid, that is "away from" traditional shoe-box "as Antich said. What is needed are rather bright, vast spaces with more comfort, sustainability and environmental protection.
That a reconfiguration and renovation of the short years of tourism miles is highly necessary, also, all players - and this for years - agreed. The urgency of the matter has now been modified significantly in late January, though highly questionable in a polemical way: In Spain's most important travel fair Fitur in Madrid, the President of the Federation of Spanish Chambers of Commerce, Javier Gómez Navarro, had the Playa de Palma as basura "" to German garbage known. The former showcase area in terms of holiday in the sun is, the former Tourism politicians only get at with "profound Surgery.
Including what was to be understood, which led Gómez Navarro unspecified. Instead, he was immediately faced with demands for an apology. In the alleged troublemakers from speaking publicly just what had been put behind his back so many entrepreneurs in the wine and beer as much realistic proposal on its own: The Playa wegzusprengen with bombs in order to build it from scratch.
Politicians who want to tackle the problem rationally, they know that the integral rehabilitation of the tourism angejahrten miles much, much money will it cost and a high-quality, comprehensive planning requires that considers not only the touristic aspects of the economic, legal, social and environmental concerns. These have numerous pull together various administrative levels, which in turn pull the threads of many politicians. No easy task, how many years acting on the newly created entity, the consortium for the embellishment of the Playa de Palma can be seen. Even the fact that currently the majority of politicians are one and the same loyalties, and no guarantee that the rapid progress of projects.
The Mallorcan hotel entrepreneurs, meanwhile, is burning the issue under the fingernails. You have to fight on many fronts, without making somewhere a little success emerges. There is, on one's general economic crisis, which left her alone in the past year melt the attendance at eleven percent. The number of nights balearenweit decreased by three percent. In order to attract any passengers in the slack season, the entrepreneurs had to cut prices. Ultimately, they went to lost revenue for more than one tenth. Money that is missing from the re-investment.
A different problem, which makes creating many small and medium hoteliers - and they are a good 70 percent of all businesses - that is increasingly competitive tourism around the Mediterranean. With modern hotel buildings, generous vacation offerings, obligingly smiling staff and personnel costs are significantly lower for these destinations can flex its muscles. According to a study presented in late January of Commerce Mallorca Spain and the Balearic Islands are a tourist area as a whole continues to lead in the Mediterranean, but depending on the test criterion, the kingdom has been repeatedly overtaken by the competition. Thus, Tunisia is in terms of tourism laws and Sustainability having better scores than Spain. Jordan is better off in safety, Bulgaria, when it comes to health and cleanliness. Egypt price is unbeatable in terms of value added. The Pharaohs, as well as Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Croatia have made annual visitor growth of more than five percent. By contrast, the Urlauberaufkommen in traditional sunshine destinations such as the Balearic Islands, Italy, Greece, Cyprus is in decline.
These external factors are joined by internal difficulties, which are the hoteliers in the stomach. The best way to grasp this is when the call for a reform of the sector of tourism under the Law of the Balearic Islands. This derived from the 1999 "Ley General Turística" (LGT), provides, in principle, everything that has to do with a holiday on the islands, from setting up the park for the offer from the travel business, excursion bus and restaurant operators to award the fifth star to the luxury hotel industry. The LGT was then passed under the aegis of entrepreneur Partido Popular (PP) and in consensus with the industry.
Over the past ten years has changed little in the law. The current crisis is manifest, however, the pent-up need for reform. And not only that pressure comes also from the European Union. The Services Directive adopted in 2006, named after the EU Commissioner Frits Bolkestein, has since 1 Into force in January 2010. It aims at the liberalization of services markets, administrative and licensing procedures should be simplified. For services, the Directive includes the hospitality industry. The Bolkestein standard also requires the establishment of "single points of contact", for example when it comes to the opening and operation of hotels. Entrepreneurs and start-ups should be able to carry their service activity easier. The state and local regulations should be examined on "non-discrimination, necessity and proportionality" to.
Is considered against this background that the Balearic tourism law had yet been able, for example, operation of campgrounds, private vacation home rentals or hinder even a Bed & Breakfast "on the Balearic Islands - moreover, in line with the hoteliers - so is the uneasiness of Industry entirely understandable, given pending new developments.
But these are only marginal places. What the hoteliers priority seems, are financial aid and administrative simplification, in order to modernize their existing homes. Much of the nearly 1600 hotel has been built in the tourist boom years of the 1960s and 70s. The buildings are often outdated, with small rooms, without adequate air-conditioning insulation and high energy consumption. So many buildings has also been gradually enlarged by additions, true to the motto, the more room, the more guests. It is those "shoe boxes", as they will no longer be prime minister now have Antich.
However, the existing tourism law makes it nearly impossible to dichtzumachen easy and demolish an outdated hotel. In such a case, even urban targets come into play. What is now a hotel, the applicable land use plans that can again be placed just a hotel. Such an antiquated system, but does in a time when many age-old hotel on the market any more chances and move only the price level down, makes little sense.
It recognizes both the hoteliers and the trade unions and politicians. For this reason, was filed in this legislature, behind closed doors on a reform of the tourism framework law. The negotiations were apparently entirely to the satisfaction of the hoteliers. Obstacles, however, showed a lack of staff continuity on the part of the policy. Since summer 2007, the entrepreneurs sat facing the same three tourism ministers of the UM. (On Miquel Nadal followed followed Buils Francesc Miquel Ferrer.) Now the hoteliers with Joana Barceló first time a Socialist politician, as a negotiating partner. Barceló already promised that would follow from the UM exemplified, business-line. It announced that it intended to bring the amendment to the law as soon as possible under cover. That's all well and good for the hoteliers. The only question is whether it creates Barceló, given the current political turmoil until then remain in office.
Source: Mallorca Magazine