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Mallorca Property: More growth in Mallorca


The Balearic ministry has revised its economic forecast for 2010 upwards. According to information from Wednesday's economy would shrink by only minus the 0'9 per cent, but not by minus 1'5 per cent, had been predicted as before.
Economy Carles Manera established the attenuated contraction process with various economic indicators, which showed a more positive trend than previously recorded. Thus, there exists in the service and again somewhat in the construction industry and the consumer movement and stir again. The inflation in the past three months had risen to the islands as well, which speaks for a higher consumer demand.
The forecasts for the tourism business in 2010 were more positive than it was a few months. If confirmed, the economic trend in Germany and in England, Manera, then it is even possible that the Balearic Islands during the year once again achieved positive real growth.

Increase in unemployment slowed in Mallorca

Unemployment in Spain rose in February, with the exception of Mallorca on. The number of unemployed increased nationwide for the seventh consecutive month, a further 82,100 to 4.13 million now. That is an increase by two percent since January, year on year, unemployment rose by 18.6 percent. The largest increase was in the regions of La Rioja (3.6 percent), registered Asturias (3.5) and Castilla-La Mancha (3.3).

In the Balearic Islands are currently 90,000 people without jobs. The number remained at a deficit of 0.6 percent basically unchanged. Compared with the previous month, the number of unemployed rose by 21.1 percent.