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Mallorca Property: Mallorca must save 15 bilion Euros


Salary reductions, no increases in pensions, savings in the public hand-Mallorca must tighten their belts. Trade unions threaten to strike.

Standing on the desk of Carles Manera a piggy bank, it would be the latest now a case for the hammer. The Balearic Minister must in Spain is a savings program, the prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero under pressure from the EU and the financial markets had to announce, cutbacks. Still being worked on the details, but it is clear that the government will begin in three areas of the scissors: you must go back a massive public investment, it must reduce the salaries of the civil service was hired, and it must adapt to funds already scheduled write off the central government. Brought into play Balearic Premier Francesc Antich on Wednesday (19.5.) Is also a possible tax increase for high earners.

More from Madrid operated cuts: Senior citizens have to accept expected with zero laps in the pension, the criteria for payment of nursing services will be strengthened, and one of the most recent social achievements of Spain is even cashed all: the so-called baby-Check, a one-time child- payment of 2,500 euros.

The savings Mallorca take sensitive. First, the budget for the current year was already six percent to 3.38 billion euros reduced after the money was missing as a result of economic crisis and Spendierfreudigkeit the previous Conservative government at every turn. Now, further € 170 million be cut in the budget. On the bench, all projects of the Govern, which are not advertised publicly.

On the other Balearic Premier Francesc Antich had hoped in the current legislature finally bridge the financial gap, which the Balearic complain to transfers from the central government for years. Here are some socialist shall withdraw the funds based on the Madrid hopes promise - but that at least in the state constitution (Estatut) anchored investments are untouchable.

Not in danger, therefore, is the planned S-Bahn from the city center of Palma to the Playa de Palma. The expansion of treatment plants was not affected, had the Balearic Environment Biel Vicens (PSM) insurance. For disposition against the planned 25 million euros available for the construction of the train path-Manacor Arta and planned schools and health centers.

One more question mark is also behind the mega-project of modernization of the Playa de Palma - even if the director wants the consortium, Margarita Nájera, no doubt give rise to Madrid pledges.

It is certain that will be reduced in road projects - now takes its revenge, that the tenders are for several projects not yet under way. The plan de carreteras, the Island Council and central government agrees to ge-had, had been approved only in December 2009 with more than a year late.

While the proposed ring road for Son Servera and the three-lane expansion of Highway Palmas were still under way, many more planned bypass roads are put to the test, as well as the development of a second ring at Palma. This should ensure, inter alia, the connection of the new hospital was Espases Son in the north of Palma. For the expansion of the access roads to Palma should total € 105 million to flow - actually.

Change of course in the municipalities. Many communities were previously under-financed, primarily because the revenue from the allocation of building permits is no longer bubbling Sun But since 2009 under the government stimulus plan support e € 288 million flowed to municipalities in the Balearic Islands. You can now be installed until the end of the year. Then end.

Trade unions call for general strike on

Zapatero's austerity package, which was presented to the Spanish government in Madrid, has triggered vociferous protests from the Balearic unions. On Thursday, the union representatives met with Prime Minister Antich, and the Economic and Labour Minister, to discuss possible countermeasures.
While Antich sees little scope for action, the unions called a general strike already all employees of public offices on 2 June on. On Friday, the first two protest meetings of the unions are on the plan.
Zapatero's package proposes to reduce the salaries of government employees by five percent more in 2010 - when ministers to 15 percent. 2011, the salaries will be frozen. But the Balearic retirees probably have to tighten their belts: the first pensions will no longer be increased.