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Mallorca Properties: Difficult labor situation in Mallorca


Unemployment on the island is twice as high as in Germany. In particular, island newcomers with little knowledge to do with the career more difficult than even a few years.

Especially immigrants from countries outside the EU can swell the unemployment statistics - foreigners without residence and work permit does not count. But EU foreigners find it more difficult to find a job. Of the current approximately 91,000 officially registered unemployed, more than 26,000 non-Spaniards. derived from them at least 9430 from the EU countries. The individual countries of origin are not included in the statistics of the Balearic Labour - after all, there is no special treatment as a spokeswoman says.

An unemployment rate is not officially designated, the proportion of people without work is more than twice as high as in Germany. "It has become harder," said Doris Stangier job agent. "Especially for applicants from other European countries it is difficult to get a job." So the employer made in the language proficiency of candidates generally no more compromises. For office jobs, that means: German, English, Spanish, please fluent in spoken and written reports Stangier. Did they provide candidates before more than a dozen potential employer for an interview, were places in the administrative area are few and far between in recent years

Better chances were still academics. However, many employers have assumed that the candidate had been living on the island and master not only the move to Mallorca and get used to living in the island-society should. At the very least will assume that the candidate already abroad experience brought back. The difficulties are being felt especially island newcomers. "It takes a lot of patience," for example, says a 46-year-old trained mechanic, who came with his wife four months ago from the Ruhr to Mallorca, just to try a career reboot. "All-rounder, technology, craftsmanship, the occupational profile is in its job ad. Skilled craftsmen were in demand in the past. But so far the search had revealed nothing, says the German, either for him or for his wife. "One year we gave ourselves time, then we go again."

In the international job on the website of the employment agency in Germany offers skilled craftsmen with the exception of work Mallorca - in contrast to earlier. Even sites for chefs have become scarce. currently are listed, only about 30 jobs, mainly call center, seasonal jobs for animators or janitorial and housekeeping jobs. Jobs and give perspectives on Mallorca but also in crisis, emphasizes job Stangier mediator. She hopes for a revival of the labor market on the island in the new year: "I have already recouped all surprisingly between the holidays, the first requests of employers."

Foreign unemployed are entitled to unemployment benefits - if they have paid into Social Security long enough. Responsible, the Spanish Labour INEM (Instituto Nacional de Empleo) is. To the job takes care of the Balearic authority for placement SOIB (Servei d'Ocupació de les Illes Balears). was decisive for the entitlement period, the last six years - the longer paid, the longer is entitled to assistance. Anyone who has paid less than the prescribed 360 days, you get instead of the unemployment benefit (prestación de desempleo) Unemployment (subsidio de desempleo). After the expiry of the service (maximum of two years) no claims have been eliminated - Concerned with no other income can at best apply to the Balearic Government or to aid of 400 euros per month.