Majorca Property News

Mallorca on the silent Tour

Mallorca has more to offer than sun, beach and sea. This has worked well with the celebrities around, as with the large tour operators. The ship the bulk of tourists to the Balearic island and sell the trips to the supposed highlights of the island with the same: Monasteries Lluc, Dragon Caves, Sat Calobra. The Real Mallorca, but is mostly off the start and finish places of tourist buses. Who seeks it, will find it - even in high season.
Relaxed the day can
Senor Xamena the story has often been told so often that he eventually recorded between two and Cover has packed. Nevertheless, he says they are still so happy as when the story first time, as shown in the small villa, which his father Antonio as a summer cottage, respectively, because his swimming at the beach of Palma to the port had to be soft, a jewel of a hotel: the Bonsol. Half-way between El Arenal and Magaluf located, it initially consisted only of the Bendinat castle belonging to the building high above the bay of Illetas. When 1957 the opportunity, under the coastal land to buy, grabbed Antonio Xamena and turned it into a garden oasis same with pools, villas and a restaurant overlooking the small private beach. Who here with a bottle Macia Batle entertained by playing the surf of the day leaves, the feel the urge to come back. No wonder that four out of five guests of the Bonsol are repeat offenders.
A hidden paradise
A different but equally unusual for Majorca beach experience provides the pretty village of Estellencs the secluded high above the rugged northwest coast enthroned. From Illetas you arrive here via Andratx. Only a small entrepreneurial drive and a lot of composure to go through the steep, cobbled lanes to the exit in the same bay start. At the small beach and the rocks abgerungene bar lost almost Majorcans only. Probably also because of the gravel beach with its not the ideal of tourists. But the water is crystal clear and the snorkeling opens up fascinating views.
Attention Pirates!

This applies to the north-west over the water. Five kilometers north of the Torre Estellencs is the Verger on a rocky outcrop, a watchtower from the 16th Century. From its peak overlooks a large part of this breathtaking coastline. The tower belongs to a system of Wachanlagen which to ward off pirate attacks nearly spanned the entire island. The communication between the towers ran through smoke and fire signs. Overslept a guardian a Freibeuterattacke, were he and his entire family dispossessed and banished to the galleys - as happened anno 1550, when Turkish pirates attacked Pollença.
The "tragic generation"
Masio Vicenç, who has twelve years experience beyond the Touristenbusrouten organized, tells this story in a cave in the bay of Pollença, from which you surf through a hole the relevant tower on the Formentor peninsula belonging Talaia d'Albercutx can espy. Masio belongs with his 50 years on the so-called 'tragic generation', because his childhood was in front of the tourist development of the island. He personally takes it down: "The history of Mallorca is the conquests, starting with the Phoenicians. Tourism is just another link in this chain."
Hometown love for the tourists
Nevertheless, it is his vision, from tourists and visitors to make them a little love from his hometown mitzugeben. By making you the places of his childhood shows, they will wonder and they can participate in the traditions of the ancients: how to tell the princess to become stone, found in a mountain of Cap Formentor recognizes or wisdom to the healing powers of nature, such as the soothing effect of crushed pine resin to abrasions that he is in his Kraxeleien still regularly zuzieht. For Masio is the tourist wealth of the island not in the beaches, golf courses and marinas but in the certificates issued by the millennia-old culture, starting with the monuments from talaiots time in the wonderful nature and what it produces flavors: wine and olives, by the Romans on the island, almonds and oranges, a sweet legacy of the Moorish domination, capers, whose bushes on the 700-year-old city wall Alcudia grow pomegranates, figs and tomatoes that are not only for water taste. A picnic with Tomato Pan, goat cheese, chorizo, vino tinto and almond cake with Masio always heard about this.
The sophisticated cuisine mallorquin
A beautiful place to the more challenging Majorcan cuisine to enjoy the restaurant is the Finca Monnaber Nou in Campanet. It is perched on a hill in the midst of countless olive trees at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana. The property from the 13th Century is like a museum: art, sacred objects and agricultural equipment from seven centuries adorn the corridors, lounges and patio, the courtyard. And when the evening comes on the spacious terrace, a mild breeze from the nearby mountains herabweht and the distant hills in the twilight slowly lose, then you can hear it: the silence, the George Sand 1842 in her novel "A Winter in Majorca" as an essential characteristic of the island immortalized.