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Mallorca-no mercy for traffic offenders

Better correct drive: How traffic offenders in Spain will be asked to pay. That one landed in jail when the car is on a marked cycle path is distinct, however, is still the exception in Mallorca.
This is exactly what befell the talk show presenter Arabella Kiesbauer four years ago. She and her husband appealed for a penalty to mandate more than 50 euros with the police, and after the presenter "on derogatory way," as the news agencies reported, 50 euros in the breast pocket of an official put, it was removed and was "one night on the concrete floor of a prison cell to spend the worst night of her life. "

Since the levels of penalties on the holiday island of Majorca rather moved up - and there are controls in abundance, especially in Majorca three kinds of police officers are in use: In addition to the Guardia Civil, a remnant of the Franco era, there is the Policia Local and the Policia Nacional, all staff are very well equipped. And much Flinker than other service providers in Spain - especially in dealing the "multas," as in Spanish Knöllchen hot. In the "Ora", the short-term parking zone in the center of Palma, one must pay a fine of 60 euros, if the parking time is exceeded. Who in the sometimes narrow streets with a car tire on the pavement is 90 euros berappen needs. The same penalty is parked matured differently than in Germany often also with some faded markings on the pavement marking. 90 euros will cost the movement of zones that are only reserved for residents. If the officials can credibly make that one on the way to a hotel is no danger of punishment.

The disregard of the light is red light, with 150 euros penalty, although the Spanish red and green phases are very short and you already own safety because of the well to do, is meticulous in the traffic signals to keep.

Because in Spain traditionally many vehicles without insurance are, when you forget the vehicle no mercy is granted: it costs 60 Euro, in individual cases (like the writer of these lines is experienced), the vehicle shall be confiscated and also in a remote depot transports.

Speed limits - 120 km / h on motorways, 90 km / h on country roads and 50 km / h in urban areas - will be strictly monitored. Recently, all 308 police vehicles equipped with laser measuring devices. The blood alcohol level of 0.5 mg / ml is often well controlled - because of numerous accidents with fatalities, this is also urgently required.

Moved earlier in Cars Knöllchen no consequences to be fine now, even after Germany nachgeschickt know Stefanie Dargel, spokeswoman for Europcar: "When adversity traffic police asked the Majorcan with us after the driver of the car, and we are obliged to publish its data. Then the penalty decision immediately after Germany. "

The islanders kennendie gaps in the system - and pay for their "multas" simply not true. Judicially, these sums are not intractable. The data are stored, however, was the sale of used car can sometimes be fatal if the body for years to be rejected, the dealer looks first in the computer. Unfavorable, when the sum of the "multas" the value of the car exceeds ...

Not only in the transport sector, including in the street, the police recently, hard by the many African traders at the Playa de Palma deliver every day a cat-and-mouse game with police, if they are fake Rolex watches and Gucci sunglasses to the man who wishes to. Similarly, it made the Asian masseuses at the Playa, which always, when a police patrol encountered, its hectic activity break in the sand and throw as tourists inside disguise.