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Mallorca for All - The opposing faces of an island

MAJORCA. Hikes in the mountainous west, lonely beaches in hidden bays and exploration tours through town with a charming story: Yes, away from the grill Proleter Ballermann Mallorca is a true paradise for relaxation.

Vibrant Guides Paulo progressing step forward: We are marching on the "Route of the dry stone walls" somewhere between Fornalutx and Sóller among ancient, shiny silvery olive trees. In between opening up fantastic views of the rugged, wild and romantic west coast of Majorca. After a few minutes, changing the scenario, and we find ourselves in large orange and mandarin gardens. A deep silence and calm surrounds us, the harmony of this beautiful, ancient Mediterranean landscape is strengthened. It is hard to believe: 40 kilometers away the raging Ballermann: Sangría from tubs, disco beats on the beach, naked teenager, which is on the sandy beach räkeln. But here in the far west of the island, shows the popular holiday island of her true beauty.


1000 year old trees

Paulo tells about the life of the region Sóller: Around the eponymous town in the hilly valley between the sea and the Tramuntana mountains, citrus fruits thrive splendidly. Everywhere one looks over the color of the glow of oranges, lemons and mandarins from their lush foliage. The second gift from Mother Nature is the Olive: We hear with amazement that the gnarled trees are sometimes more than 1000 years old. The older an olive tree, the sweeter is the way, his oil.

Next the path leads through beautiful landscapes and along terrace artfully aufgeschichteter dry stone walls. Thanks terracing the steep slopes for agriculture dereinst harnessed. The artfully layered stone walls have no fillers hold otherwise would Drainagierung and thus the water supply and disposal will not work. Still needs a single orange tree 60 to 70 liters of water per day!

The route of the dry stone walls Majorcan sounds much more romantic "Ruta de Pedra en Sec" and is a journey of discovery through the Serra de Tramuntana. It runs a distance of 150 kilometers in length. Along the route there are numerous testimonies of human life in harmony with nature: historical carts and sidewalks, snow houses (for the cooling of foods), or dry wells. The trail runs along the highest mountains of Mallorca (they have a height of up to 1445 meters) and passed as charming mountain village Estellencs, Banyalbufar, Esporles, Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller, Fornalutx and Pollença. Intermediate load rustic mountain huts to rest. The Tramuntana mountain range is the least discovered tourist region of the largest Balearic Island: Here you can still see the real Mallorca with its traditions and customs experience.

Culinary traditions

Around noon we reach Sóller and look forward to strengthening. It comes as a living proof Majorcan tradition: Can Det The mill is the only remaining on the island, the golden-yellow oil according to the traditional, labor-intensive method produces: Patrón Juan Deya used exclusively by ancient olive trees, you know, the sweeter oil supply and very ripe fruit, which by itself from the tree fall. The result is delicious. In the cozy rooms of the historic Can Det-house from the year 1561, we enjoy the hearty snack Pa amb oli (bread with olive oil), as the surface there's salami, tomato, cheese, toasted almonds, salt, and of course one or two glasses of red wine.

Everything for the sausage

Senor Bartomeu woman is a similar idealist who maintains the ancient traditions and is satisfied only as against the low-cost mass production of the EU to arrive. He and his family are committed to more than 100 years of Sobrassada: This typical Majorcan sausage specialties are in his establishment La Luna in purely handmade. Senor woman stuffs only the best parts of the pig, bacon, salt and paprika (sweet or hot) into the casings. These will mature in the dry chamber Wurstspezialitäten with sounding names like Llonganissa, cular, or Poltrú Porc Negre.

Not just for hikers is the extreme west of Mallorca rewarding. After winding drive through the barren and rugged Serra de Tramuntana reach the mouth of Canyon de Torrent Pareis. Between emergent vertical cliffs, in a wide river bed, mäandert Torrent crystal clear water of the sea. Immediately prior to the sea beach, the river once again a double hook. Who wants to swim in the sea, must first pass through the torrent. Heavenly bathing begin - almost alternating baths between freshwater and saltwater.

Inland, the Pla de Mallorca, dominated by agriculture. Here grow olives and almonds, citrus fruits and wine. In between, sheep graze peacefully. The booming rural tourism has God not yet destroyed.

Urban Charm

But even the nice little town has to offer original Mallorca: Muro, for instance, or Felanitx. The dreamy town of Sineu, exactly in the geographical center of the island, is transformed on market day Wednesday in a colorful fairground Mediterranean joie de vivre. Before the dramatic Pfarrkirche Mare de Deu dels Angels watched the winged lion (patron saint of the market town of St. Mark's is). Under his strict look-stupid move livestock, fruit and vegetables, cheese and sausage dishes, clothes and ceramics mocking cheap goods the owner.

Rustic go in the restaurant "Celler Son Toreó" to: rustic, comfortable and can typically be determined by the market, not strengthen spree. There's at moderate prices, typical dishes such as Tumbet (vegetable casserole with Melanzani), Lomo con Col (cabbage stew), or rabbit.

Trip to Palma

Urban highlight par excellence is undoubtedly Palma, the island's capital, with nearly 300,000 inhabitants. Totally unjustified, the beauty-Modernism (Art Nouveau) by many tourists left aside. Palma offers in addition to its main attractions including the magnificent Gothic cathedral Sa Seu (from the 13-16 century), like the stock market closed Lonja (15th century), the former Moorish castle, many magnificent palaces and beautiful angles.

It is not difficult to Mallorca a beautiful, authentic hotel with charm and flair beyond the hype to find: The Marketing community "Reis de Mallorca" (literally translated: "Kings of Majorca") offers 31 individually-run homes across the island, a common goal: the culture of the island to be preserved. On the whole load secluded island villas and fincas, extraordinary beach hotels, elegant City Palace or todschicke design hotels: Be it on the spectacular North West coast, inland, to secluded beaches or in the old town of Palma, they always offer the ideal opportunity to somewhat different Mallorca experience.