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It rises in the plane and reaches almost two hours later, the island of Mallorca. The island receives one with Mediterranean light and pleasantly warm temperatures. It has the Majorca holiday and the island Mallorca everything to offer what the rest-seeking and stressed Central Europeans want. The north-west of Mallorca, with the rugged Tramuntana invites to hiking, mountain biking and relaxing. The mountains here rise up to 1400 meters. The heart of the capital of Mallorca island Palma de Mallorca, with many restaurants and the famous market of Palma. Here pulsating life and there is much to discover. 
In the southeast of Mallorca, small, romantic beaches, which are still partially unobstructed and lonely. The hinterland and inland of Mallorca offers rolling hills with sufficient opportunity to provide extensive walks and hikes. 
On the island, everyone can find his happiness. Whether or cone brother artists, celebrities and tourists. In good beach hotel or the lonely farmhouse
Majorca Travel 
Ever since the twenties of the last century, the island is a popular tourist destination. The Majorca holiday was at this time but rather reserved for the elect few. 
The first Beaches in Mallorca were in the south of the island, to the Platja de Palma. On the day of many million tourists visited beaches of Arenal was rather quiet too. 
Mallorca History 
Even by the location and pleasant climate, the island of Mallorca through the centuries always a bone of contention of the major powers in the Mediterranean. The last but peaceful invasion of the island was through tourism. 

Mallorca Geography 
Mallorca belongs to the Balearic Island group, with 3680 m² the largest island in the Balearics. Among the other islands of the group are in the northeast of Menorca and Ibiza and Formentera in the Southwest. 
Mallorca Resorts 
Who in this country in a travel agency, and his holiday in Majorca to book receives an almost overwhelming choice of package holidays. The cheap holiday in Majorca is long gone, but Mallorca is still a popular destination for tourists flat. 

Mallorca Weather 
The Majorca holiday is not as influenced by volatile weather as we are from central European latitudes know. The Mediterranean climate provides hot summers and mild winters. Nevertheless, the proximity to the western edge of the Mediterranean for uncertain weather, as it is, for example, from Greece or southern Italy knows. The climate is of the Azores high and low foothills Atlantic regions. 

Majorca Holidays 
Mallorca has many years of the most popular destinations for German tourists. This may the Balearic island for himself eligible for almost all needs. The tourists will just lump their vacation paradise as the more individual leisure traveler. 

Mallorca Sports 
The opportunities in Mallorca sport, are very good. Almost every hotel or apartment in Mallorca offers opportunities for swimming and usually still has a tennis court, table tennis and bicycles. Due to the mild climate you can throughout the year many outdoor sports. 

Mallorca Beaches 

Mallorca, of course, for sun, beach and sea. Hence, there are also the most resorts on the island of Majorca in direct beach. It provides for the Majorca holiday makers a broad picture of different beaches. There are the long sandy beach and bustling life just as the sleepy quiet bay between the beautiful rock formations.