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Majorca Real Estate: No penalty charges for lack of ICP-switches


GESA does not have any penalty charges at the beginning because the installers not to come with the installation of the required power limiter in the power boxes.

Households have been where the electricity distribution boxes at the beginning not yet equipped with an ICP-switches, need to worry about any penalties the utility company Gesa-Endesa. As the company announced that would qualify the huge demand for plumbers not. The number of households that are not equipped as required by the end of the additional switch, the electrician, the association estimated at around 200,000. Gesa A new deadline has not yet been announced.

Actually, should, by 1 January 2010, all cabinets in homes in the Balearic Islands with the so-called interrupter de control de potencia (ICP) to be equipped. Otherwise, the utilities must demonstrate to customers with a penalty (which, for an agreed maximum of five kilowatts which affects the majority of all households) is 30 euros per month. Plumbers advise hiring only the ICP. The interrupter de control de potencia primarily designed to prevent that more power is demanded than has been fixed in the contract. By an excessive demand for electricity, for example through the connection of devices that could consume a lot of energy to take damage, or other devices are also triggered house fires, it says in Gesa-Endesa. Mainly affected by the retrofit are homes that were built before 1986.