Majorca Property News

Majorca - one of the best and safest locations in the world

Many investors are now against the backdrop of turmoil in financial markets about their money in safe assets apply. And just Mallorca remains as a hot tip: The renowned "Financial Times", the island in terms of real estate investments in 2009 among the ten best and safest locations in the world. For Mallorca, so the leaf, comparatively speaking, the balance between supply and demand, the strict control of new construction projects, the good accessibility and a highly developed infrastructure.

However, the question arises, what are the prices actually go. Given the constant demand for a rapid soil formation of the prices likely than in comparable markets, especially Mallorca in the last few months in the various segments of the real estate market has presented inconsistently. There are, for example in real Topobjekten rarely discounts. The same applies to most new buildings, particularly for promoters of large estates. "There are many," said AM INMOBILIARIA "who do not remember the price runterzugehen, people who three or four real estate or a real piece of cream possess." German and Scandinavians were reluctant anyway, discounts of 30 or 40 percent to grant them. Often discounts are more likely attributed to individual fates, as in the case of entrepreneurs who urgently need money, or for separations and deaths.

Source: Bellvue