Majorca Property News

Majorca changes into the "Copacabana of Europe"

Madrid. A radical overhaul of the holiday should help crisis: Half of the dilapidated hotel room at the "Playa de Palma in Mallorca to be disappearing. The beds from 40 000 to 20 000 is reduced, the image will be adding.

Mallorca will undergo a radical. We wanted to revive a destination that is threatening to die if nothing is done, so Margarita Najera, the boss of the largest redevelopment project, the Spanish tourism industry has seen so far. Three billion euros will be for plastic surgery at the beach of Palma, which is to leave Arenal stronghold stretches, make loose. For Palm promenades and parks, and bike paths Flanierzonen.
From the aging "Ballermann" Mile, which is the dubious reputation of cheap sauf tourism has acquired, the "new Europe Copacabana" will be. A magnificent pleasure beach, then "the leading tourism destination" should be, Mallorca travel advertising manager. And its new beauty treatments like gloss on Spain's Costa Brava, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol is to encourage, where it is in the fortresses of the mass tourism similar quality problems.
Crisis dampened travel
Spain's tourism industry is quite ungentle awoken from the dream that it ever goes up and the box office by sun-hungry foreigners without great effort fills. Above all, German and British tourists who were previously the main contingent of Spain travelers an opportunity to return to the Kingdom of the beach vacation suddenly the back. Because the global crisis which dampened travel. And Spain in price, quality and service is always less with other destinations in Eastern Europe or the Caribbean can keep.
8.5 percent less tourists on the island of Majorca, 14.5 less on the equally popular Canary Islands. A tourism slump of almost twelve percent in the first half of 2009 for Spain - that hurts.