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Long term rentals - more and more tenants are not paying in Mallorca

A gap of two rents entitled to eviction proceedings. If
the tenant's rent outstanding to date to compensate for hearing, when a further delayed or even lack of payment delay eviction initiated. Currently, around 25% of all tenants in Majorca to rent not on time or even do not pay.

The majority of Spanish landlords, the rent of property very carefully. So try it by proof of income, credit information or deposit cash to protect, have a hundred percent protection from fraudsters, it is not.

A recent survey of landlords shows how the landlords are cautious. Instead of the information provided by the tenant to trust, they require detailed collateral. Nearly two-thirds of all landlords require injured even before the signing of a new lease bank guarantee or a deposit payment in cash. To be insolvent  and cash unwilling tenants.

Are an important addition to salary (58.7 percent), a credit inquiry (51.6 percent), and a rent-free certificate (22.1 percent). Are somewhat less suspicious landlords who do not have a dispute with tenants were unwilling cash: only every second is a proof of income, about 96 percent rent their property without a cash deposit.
One in ten victims of attacks on vigilantism
Are nomadic renting first in an apartment, they do not get out so quickly. Therefore rely now only 58 percent of the victims to the usual remedies with extraordinary termination and eviction proceedings. Every tenth cheated landlord takes his law into their own hands and gives the apartment without a court order to replace the lock that provides electricity and water, or threaten to cash unwilling tenants.