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King shortened Majorca Holidays

The Spanish court wants the people in times of crisis model and has set itself strict austerity measures imposed: King Juan Carlos (71) and Queen Sofia (70) have their holiday in Majorca for the first time in decades by around two weeks: They come on 1 . August on the island - otherwise, they met always been between 15 and 20 July.
During his favorite hobby, sailing, saves most of the Monarch: The trips with the Super royal yacht "Fortuna" has been on a few trips together emphasized. Because the gas turbines the 65 knot fast ship swallow vast quantities of diesel (a tankful costs 26 000 euros).

In Mariventpalast in Palma, where the royal family lives, the air conditioning is not cooler than 25 degrees are set to save energy.
Queen Sofia has ordered that the palace garden on the sea shore with hived rainwater will be poured. The fruit of the lemon trees, which grow there, from the kitchen staff are freshly pressed, so that no lemon juice should be purchased.
Even with their beloved dogs saving the royal family. Sofia was dried in bags at wholesale purchase cost because it is cheaper.
The crisis of the beleaguered Spaniards are particularly impressed by the rigor of their queen. When she recently with a 15-euro ticket from Ryanair, flew to London to visit relatives, was the topic of conversation throughout the country.
Even Crown Prince Felipe and his wife comes Letizia this summer only for the short trip to Mallorca. At the end of August to fly the "Reyes" all back together after Madrid.