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Investors are betting on real estate

Institutional investors in Europe will focus on stable and defensive asset classes. Real estate is gaining in importance.
This is the result of the European Institutional Asset Management Survey 2009 (EIAMS), a Umfage among institutional investors in Europe.
The EIAMS reveals a significant shift away from equities and alternative asset classes like hedge funds and private equity recognize. In addition to cash investments, whose average share portfolio increased significantly, include fixed income and real estate to the biggest winners. The focus is increasingly on European investments, also gained importance, the investment horizon, particularly for internally managed assets.
"The storms that swept through the markets, have all the funds must bow," says Yves Van Langenhove, Head of Institutional Business Benelux & Nordics at the fund company Invesco. Consequently, the allocations may also be more a result of general market pressures as an expression of the assumptions and preferences of investors.
With a portfolio share of 5 percent was the average real estate allocation in 2008, unchanged from the previous year. The forward-looking statements to investors, however, on a net expansion of real estate investments out. According to the survey, European investors see real estate as one of the most important future sources of absolute returns just behind fixed-income investments. Overall, 15 percent of surveyed investors of all sizes across in the search for absolute returns on real estate.
Real estate investments were mainly in Swiss investors (16 percent) as well as British and Irish investors (8 percent) in demand. The EIAMS 2009 shows for the past year, is also a growing interest among investors in the Benelux countries (from 8 percent in 2007 to 9 percent in 2008) and especially French investors (from 2 percent in 2007 to 4 percent in 2008).
The EIAMS 2009 involved 117 European investors with assets totaling 477 billion euros. Pension funds provided 80 percent of respondents, the proportion of small and medium-sized funds (with assets of less than 5 billion euros) amounted to 82 percent.