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Property Mallorca: Mallorca deadline for ICP installation


Until 1 January 2010 must be fitted to cabinets in every household in the Balearic Islands with a so-called ICP. The Association of Electricians advises to rent this switch only.

Until 1 January 2010 must have all the cabinets in the home on the Balearic Islands, with an additional switch, the so-called interrupter de control de potencia (ICP). Otherwise, the utilities, such as Gesa-Endesa may prove to customers with a penalty (which, for an agreed maximum of five kilowatts which affects the majority of all households) is 30 euros per month.

The law was passed several years ago by the Spanish central government. Gesa-Endesa as the main supplier of electricity in the Balearic Islands has put its customers, but only in recent months by correspondence thereof, and hence also the criticism from consumer advocates and the Association of Electricians in Mallorca (pulled Asin) to: "Alone in Majorca have be fitted up to 300,000 households that have not previously required on the ICP, "said Manuel Martinez, the managing director of Asine, talking to AM Inmobiliaria y Promociones Real Estate Majorca. It is virtually impossible in the remaining weeks, all households with this switch supply. He accuses the former monopoly to try to obtain additional information by poor lucrative source of income on the islands.

Gesa-Endesa, meanwhile argued with security. The interrupter de control de potencia primarily designed to prevent that more power is demanded than has been fixed in the contract. By an excessive demand for electricity, for example through the connection of devices that could consume a lot of energy to take damage or other devices are also triggered house fires.

According to Gesa-Endesa from the upgrade with an ICP mainly affected houses that were built before 1985. An ICP can either be rented or purchased by Gesa for a monthly allowance of six cents.

The following are important questions and answers are listed on the topic:

What is sensible: buy an ICP or rent it from Gesa too?
The Association strongly recommends that installers to rent only to the ICP - and with equal number of reasons: The monthly rent, which will be added to electricity bills, is six cents. Given the relatively low cost would be recouped the purchase of an ICP until after about 130 years. In addition, is liable if the ICP, the company hired Gesa-Endesa for the apparatus and would replace him in case of a defect. In the case of private ownership, the repair costs are charged to the owner. Moreover, according to Asine is introduced in the coming years a new generation of power meters in which the required ICP is already included. The newly installed equipment would therefore be worthless.

Who can install the ICP?
In the event that the ICP is rented, the device must be installed by a technician of Gesa. When you buy must be an external electrician who has the approval of the Supervisory Industria, install the switch. His work must be removed, however, then a Gesa engineer. Gesa for 10 euros will be charged. Junction box must be enlarged, is also an off-site to instruct an electrician.

What does it cost to install an ICP?
For an external Electrician price is negotiable. The Association of Electricians recommends that you have to make an estimate from multiple vendors. According to Asine the benchmark is around 100 euros. Eligible electrician, I can ask the trade association established in Marratxí by telephone 971-77 05 04. The home page provides the association ( a corresponding service. Under the link asociados (members) are all craftsmen who belong to the association and have the relevant authorization. To find out which artisans working at their own residence, can be entered on the same page in a box the relevant postal code (código postal for CP). "Then just call the electrician and can make an offer," said an employee of the association.

Where the installation or rental of an ICP by Gesa-Endesa may be requested?
Gesa-Endesa operates island wide branches, often it is the concessionaire for the company. The respective providers and contact information, it is the Customer Service (Tel ask: 902-50 88 50) on. The central administration of Gesa-Endesa is located near the Playa de Palma in the Carrer Sant Joan de Deu, 1 Opening times: from 8.30 to 13.30 clock. Other points of contact in Palma are ITAK, C /. San Ferran, 23 (from 16 to 18 clock) and ALCA, Porto Pí, 8 (from 6 to 18 clock).

How long does it take to come to the installer of Gesa?
According to the customer up to 15 days.

What if more frequent after the installation of the ICP pops the fuse?
Then an expert should review whether the agreed upon with the maximum output power company is not sufficient. Over the years, had been added in many households, more and more devices. The power supply is, however, the increased consumption has not been adjusted. The utility Iberdrola and Endesa give the following rule of thumb to the hand:) In a normal power consumption (lighting, refrigerator, water, thermal bath, vacuum cleaner, iron and washing machine has a maximum power of 4.6 kilowatts sufficient. Moreover, if we exclude also a dishwasher, electric oven, a stove with hotplates / dryer and other small devices, it is advisable to increase the maximum to up to seven kilowatts. Is also electrically heated and cooled in summer with air conditioning, it would be nine kilowatts. In most households the maximum amount according to the power company has between 2.5 and 5 kilowatts.