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In what real estate I invest my money?

Where are the most exclusive residential locations in my city? Will prices rise or fall? Answers are the new real estate compass of the business magazine Capital, the 180 cities between Baltic Sea and the Alps with a total of 1200 peripheral neighborhoods to look into.

Residential Real Estate can the winner of the current crisis. Because the federal public trust in other plants have lost the historic building loan are favorable, and many experts fear of inflation, is increasingly about the money in a house or an apartment to invest. Both the own four walls as well as rented properties play a major role.

But despite the good conditions worth a purchase only if the location is right. And since there are now even in the tightest space extreme differences, not only by street to street, but even from house to house. Who here wants oriented, has the property of Compass Capital an ideal job at hand, which now is even better: to 180 cities is now the supply of German cities doubled - with detailed area maps, large databases and accurate descriptions of 1200 districts. 800 brokers and real estate experts were in the first months of the year by 70 authors surveyed, which is on the ground in the cities have informed.

Better user experience on the Internet
And even with the user-friendliness on the Internet at some real estate compass. For example, the search easier. Even when entering fewer letters are requested for any proposals made layers. In addition, users can now cut the cards at any time and therefore increase at a glance more layers of a city seen. In addition, the user receives more information on individual districts. For example, he learns, whether in the fourth century or the 60-year buildings, whether supply or demand outweighs or how high the noise is? Depending on the users' personal preferences in this matter, you can also individually, optimal location in a city determined.

The real estate compass card offers detailed assessments of the housing situation - to connect - even more location information. So you can see where in a city doctors, pharmacies, restaurants or hotels. Thus users get a better picture of the location quality.

This is evident especially in homes and condominiums at prices from 250,000 to 750,000 Euros in demand. The presented example, the real estate company established Dahler & Company. "Within four months the number has now almost doubled," says Björn Dahler, managing partner: "A rising demand, we have seen in any of our locations, although the main interest in urban locations concentrated in larger cities," says Björn Dahler.

Also holiday homes are in demand
The Dahler described by Björn demand concerns the so-called upper middle segment: "By this we mean properties in preferred locations, which are of high quality." Dahler provides reasons why the Renaissance of owner-occupied housing as an investment and historically low interest rates for mortgages. And this demand boom refers not only to real estate as a principal. Also objects to the resort regions are asked, for example on Sylt. Also, it offers the Compass Capital Real Estate the right foundation. Because next to 180 German cities, the website provides information on around 80 destinations across Europe. Targets in the country - of Sylt on Rügen to Lake -, as well as, for example, Mallorca, the Dutch coast, Tuscany or the Algarve in Portugal.