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How to determine the value of a property?

When selling a home, the choice of an appropriate sale price is important. There is a balance to be struck between individual desire and the real market price. "Private owners, it is often difficult due to lack of experience, their property is to be assessed realistically." If the price is too high, then there is a lack of buyers. Under value but nobody wants to sell. Four benchmarks for valuation are:

1. Newspapers:

Advertisements in newspapers give a first clue about the current market situation. Seller may participate in similar objects with similar features, location and age based. The price should have several weeks to provide a broad overview to win. It is important to remember that these prices only the desire to reflect the seller. At what price the property at the end actually changes hands, you do not know. Also, it is difficult to assess exactly how to view the property's own object. To create a sense of development, we recommend Andrew Meier, a few sample surveys: "Experience shows that the own price often in the middle of the range of stable," added the real estate expert. Important: Do not forget to negotiate.

2. Expert:

     Lens and meaningful is an independent price determination by a certified or sworn experts. Professional investigators finished value based on sales figures, statistical data and based on profound knowledge of the market at large valuations. All relevant codes and object data are incorporated into the valuation.

3. Internet:

     Some experts offer analysis via the Internet. Here we often have to use special software to the market "scanned" and then a possible set of objective price. The method is quick and inexpensive. The value of the property but is often from their own subjective impressions determine - in an objective value less comes to fruition.

4. Real Estate Agents:

     A good rating will receive seller at local brokers. Professional real estate agents are familiar with the situation on the market well. You know what criteria to evaluate real estate and as a market fair, realistic price would come of it. Positive: homeowners' agents, you can order without a concrete commitment to a ruling request. The option to award the contract agent remains unaffected. Advantage: broker estimates are very close to the market.

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