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House raffles Mallorca: A variant of rip off?

For months, booming house sweepstakes on the Internet. As in some neighboring countries such as Spain, is to revive the property market closely, now sloshes in waves across the EU.
For several months the offer is booming by
House sweepstakes on the Internet. What for some time in some neighboring countries such as Spain, is to revive the property market closely, now sloshes in waves across the EU. In Germany, the house raffle is still not an issue since the German law is a lucky lottery game by not allowing themselves to participate in law a thorny issue, as a purely German may not take part in a lottery (gambling) law. But lawyers are resourceful certainly find ways to loopholes in the legal system through a raffle that will establish a house raffle, will allow in any form whatsoever. Thus lawyers are definitely among the winners in the field house raffles. Various media design company and advertising agency will benefit economically, as it requires well-designed Web sites around the houses and property to present. These are the advertising costs for ads to the lots to the man or the woman to bring. All in all, the owners will change money, it will be brought in any case, an economic movement that will ultimately be in the fiscal fiscally have their share.

Whether a house raffle now makes sense is another matter. If one takes the trouble and the market something to get explored very quickly to the conclusion that there are some real diamonds, but were also a large number of objects that probably actually find a buyer. Often are difficult situations, old buildings, architecture, unappealing, or objects that simply never would justify their purchase price. Fact is, some objects are not for sale to the price-utopian wishful thinking of their owners easily. Here, Starting Now, soldiers of fortune 'is a house raffle, for only € 99, - the chance of a building, the valuations for a value of 350,000, - € is issued will be 6999 lots, so far so good. A 350.000, - € object is now quickly 700.000, - € worth and put on the lottery market. Good 700.000, - to bring the magnificent building now, which actually smells like swindle. ... But for € 99, - a real bargain. For 6999 Loskäufer a bitter loss, but so it is with happiness.

Whether Hausverlosung happy ending for the owner, has to do with luck little or nothing. Top Objects are of course ideal for raffles, ordinary objects are fast-seller and the sale of the lots has been slow and grueling. But the explanation for this is simple. If a nice semi-detached house by lottery to 75, - € could be obtained, but a lot for a super villa costs 99, - €. why should a lucky guy for only 24, - € more not to seek his fortune in a dream home? What was evident is the focus on the dream houses and villas, also liked the odds to be lower at 10,000 lots, which is one factor the homeowners should consider before a raffle. The better the building and feudal quickly the higher the chances of placing the lots.

There are enough examples of this. Falling housing prices and the human desire to make house raffles possible. Bad sellable objects remain inalienable, despite drawing. The cost is giving away a building on time, especially since it is without advertising just as good as nothing. Top Objects are easy to apply, shop keepers advertising budgets to eat quickly. What is certain is who will earn, lucky children a home to call their own and a large number of people will go empty-handed, but most are so accustomed to the lotto game.