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Holiday hotel - real estate on the rise

The Germans' favorite holiday destination is its own country. That's since years. Then follow Spain, Turkey and other countries in the sun as most popular destinations of German tourists. After their vacation, the Germans also by not letting the crisis and defend the reputation of the annual world tour, to confirm the statistics of the German National Tourist Board. Best prospects therefore for the Spanish holiday hotels, it concludes with the real estate experts  AM Inmobiliaria

Because the interest of tourists in short breaks and holidays have a significant impact on the market for hotel real estate, we know at Christie + Co. The industry leader therefore despite crisis, especially for the holiday hotel best opportunities, and its operating performance to improve. "We assume that the cash flow during the holiday regions the short to medium term is to recover and improve," says Markus Beike.

The director of AM Inmobiliaria currently provides significant benefits for investors. "An investment in resort hotels in Spain is a safe thing," Andreas Meier is convinced. However, a coherent concept is crucial for success in the holiday hotel. Good prospects also for investors who are in Spanish holiday hotels want to commit. Because Meier sees the potential in the holiday hotel far from being exploited: "There is growing interest in hotel properties in traditional areas such as Cala Ratjada, Calvia, Palma de Mallorca and southeast of the island." The offer is available. Well over 50 attractive hotel properties from 6 to 250 rooms are in the AM Inmobiliaria database for sale. "There is an enormous diversity in region, offer size and price situation," says Andreas Meier.

AM Inmobiliaria offers in its portfolio to about 25 hotels with a capacity from 6 to 450 beds on Mallorca. From the hostel on the beach about 4 stars in top layer houses to country hotels and luxury Hostels projected the supply. In the classic holiday regions on the Spanish mainland and neighboring European countries are luxury hotels in the three-digit million range in the program.

"Often enough a stringent repositioning to the hotel again to make fast," says Andreas Meier and adds: "After the transaction, our service is not finished: In the Advisory Group of the network of AM Inmobiliaria working experts who focus on the strategic reorientation and specializing in investment planning. "

Best opportunities for investors.

An internal Christie analysis indicate that the economic crisis to around 15 percent higher number of insolvencies in the hospitality industry lead. It is approximately 3 700 bankruptcies in the year 2009. "For investors this means that they are now embarking cheap and buy," says Beike. If the property is only "aufgehübscht" and a new direction, investors may be the higher cash flow and carry successfully repositioned the hotel after three to five years to sell.