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High Noon in the Spanish Parliament

The position of Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero at the "debate about the state of the nation" reminded a little of Gary Cooper in the Western classic "Twelve clock noon" as the lone marshal Will Kane, the whole world against him. In the eagerly awaited general debate was the Socialist head of government entirely on their own. Apart from his own party no one wanted to Zapatero's aid. The debate led the Spaniards in mind that their government stands on shaky feet, and Parliament has no majority.

For Zapatero, the two debate, which on Wednesday came to an end, the toughest parliamentary test since his election as prime minister in 2004. Spain is more than other countries by the economic crisis hit, with unemployment at a rate of 17.4 percent, the highest in Europe, and the nationalists in Catalonia and the Basque Country, which the government in the past, often to a ruling majority had declined to Distance to Zapatero, and the European elections are just around the corner.

The opposition leader Mariano Rajoy had the unique opportunity, the head of government before the deputies bloßzustellen. In the past, which - rather honest acting head of the conservative People's Party (PP) against the charmer Zapatero never be able to. But this time it was not Rajoy, as the "winner" emerged from the debate. Zapatero surprised the rival with the presentation of an economic package. This took the PP claims - such as scrapping a car - and thus virtually disarmed the opposition leader.

«Zapatero 1000 pulls rabbits out of the sleeves," wrote the newspaper "La Vanguardia". The relatively liberal leaf "El Mundo" said: "Zapatero comes with the life thereof." According to surveys, the majority of Spaniards felt that the head of government is the better figure had delivered. The columnist Fernando Onega stressed however: "For the first time Zapatero won barely. This time he won no Kantersieg. "

A great hope of the Spaniard was crushed in the debate: The major parties of the Socialists (PSOE) and the Conservatives are no pact to the country together from the crisis. Zapatero and Rajoy in parliament suggested such a sharp tone that such a convention, which many Spaniards would have wished, is not likely to come. "The loser of the debate are the Spaniards," says the WirtschaftsBlatt "Expansión".

Despite the economic crisis and the lack of majority, Zapatero is fairly stable in the saddle. An overthrow of the government is not imminent, because that Rajoy in Parliament would receive no support. The next parliamentary elections are only three years. Despite crisis, and unemployment remains in the bloodletting of voters favor of the Socialists still limited. According to surveys, the PSOE and PP about the same.