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Golfers and the new bargain hunting on the island of Majorca

The economic crisis is also at the game of golf and travel to the past is not a trace. Mallorca has a change of attitude took place and there are tempting offers. The first step towards cheaper Golfen was the "Mallorca Golf Card, which applies to five seats. And the Sheraton Hotel in Son Vida goes further.
If a then the sun let you down, just helping fine words - or good ideas. The economic crisis and a rainy season have severely Mallorca added. For more than 20 percent decreased the number of passengers, the island in the spring of ourselves, and it seems even worse in the summer to be. The Mallorcan but I found a way to have to defy the downturn.
Low tide in the crisis-wallet, because the tourist is to determine how expensive his favorite island in recent years has become. The trend towards lower rates booking of hotels and Finkas jumps therefore also to the catering industry on. In restaurants, bars and cafes, the price of falling demand. And not only there. Even the game of golf is becoming more favorable. Just in time, will find many. For golf in Majorca, this was despite the vast range of courses for the luxury.
Son Gual example, at Palma, calls Greenfee 150 euros and this price has anno 2009 no longer a realistic chance. The first step towards cheaper Golfen was the "Mallorca Golf Card." With it, guests at five sites each Greenfee Play: Golf Park Mallorca, Alcanada, Son Vida, Marriot and Golf de Andratx. Currently, the card costs 299 Euro.
The Arabella Group goes one step further. It announces, for example, guests of the Sheraton Hotel in Son Vida, on the autumn unlimited golf in the room price to integrate. Can be played on all three 18-hole courses Son Vida, Son Muntaner and Son Quint (currently 95 to 125 euros Greenfee).
Such deals are the ones who ensure that German bargain hunters Mallorca more loyalty than others. More than a quarter of Spaniards were in the previous year rather on the mainland. Every third Briton elect this year the domestic (cold) island for themselves. Given the weak position posting some hotels this year probably will remain completely closed. Miquel Nadal, Minister of Tourism of the Balearic Islands, speaks of "very difficult times."
Still, from the 400.000 tourists who still came in March, every second was from Germany. Meanwhile, the sun long Mallorca again into the arms taken. The golf courses are relatively empty. You should use this opportunity.