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German interest in real estate again

In the U.S., Spain and England are the real estate market has collapsed - but the Germans still set on home ownership. According to a recent survey, more and more are considering buying a German property as inflation protection. Brokers are reporting strong growth in requests.

Real property, according to most Germans the best protection against inflation. And home ownership is part of retirement to play a greater role. Over two thirds of the population also believe that the state is buying a property owner-should sponsor a Forsa survey commissioned by the real estate association IVD showed. "Especially in times of crisis, discover the people in Germany as a valuable property asset class again," notes IVD President Jens-Ulrich Kießling noted. 54 percent of respondents cited real estate with a large margin over other forms of investment as the best protection against inflation. "The property is the winner of the financial crisis," added Jürgen Michael Schick, vice president of the IVD.

With an inflation rate of two percent had cash of 20,000 euros after ten years, only a value of 16,407 euros, expects Schick before. Crucial property is the property receipt. The average value of an average family house in large cities had in the last thirty years by at least 220,000 to 382,000 euros.

The rapidly growing interest of citizens in the federal real estate acquisition, every second IVD brokers (57 percent) since the beginning of the year hit. Single-family houses and interest in the mediators would be much more in demand. IVD President Kießling is even talk of a "renaissance of interest houses, whose prices would clearly attract. In a survey of less than 6000 brokers had a large proportion of its customers purchase inflation protection as a motive identified. In addition, often the low interest rates as a reason for the acquisition of real estate given.

Three quarters of property owners keep their house or their apartment for a valuable asset investment, the survey also showed. 87 percent anticipate a steady or growing importance of home ownership in retirement from. More than half of citizens (58 percent) believe that home ownership in the future a bigger role in retirement will play. In the group of owners to 66 percent believe a bigger role. For renters, 50 percent of a major significance of the property in the retirement of. "The-occupied property is an important pillar of private pensions. Mietfreiheit in The Age is a big advantage," commented President IVD Kießling.

Two thirds (67 percent) of the population also believe it is important that as many citizens can purchase property, showed the Forsa survey. This assessment can be found in all populations. Only 31 percent of citizens consider this as not so important. Around half of tenants (48 percent), according Forsa already have a property acquisitions under consideration. "In Germany there are around 21 million renter households," says Schick. "10 million households have to be 'prevented owners' apply. Here is a great need for promotion of housing available." The government should purchase an owner-Property encourage thinks the majority of respondents (51 percent). Only 31 percent of Germans think that the government is doing enough. One third of those from the state expect a larger support, want to reintroduce the Eigenheimzulage. Hold 23 percent tax relief for a sense. "The state needs to purchase a property owner-promote stronger," also calls for Association boss Kießling. "The tax must be in relation to home ownership be changed." The IVD is the parties' respective proposals.

Similar poll results and the Society for Consumer Research (GfK) on behalf of the Alliance. Surveyed 1000 people and property owners, within the next five years in our own four walls to move. As the most common reason for the planned purchase of 38 percent said future homeowners retirement. The second driver for the acquisition of real estate in their own homes can be cheaper to rent than to live (34 percent). But it was only in third place of the ranking here is the desire for ownership (29 percent).