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Free fall on the Spanish labor market apparently stopped

Unemployment in Spain is the first time since 14 months.
The number of unemployed fell by the real estate and economic crisis arg beleaguered country in May to almost 25,000 to 3.62 million, as the Labor Department on Tuesday announced in Madrid. Thus, Spain has still the largest unemployed in the euro zone. But the free fall has been estimated by the Ministry stopped: "The government measures have job losses slowed," said the Secretary-General for employees, Maravillas Rojo.
Spain wants with public works and other government initiatives 400,000 people at least temporarily back in wages and jobs. This so-called "Plan D" is now starting to show effect. The unemployment claims were received in May, in almost all economic areas: in particular the important tourism sector and agriculture also benefited from the launch of the summer season.
The unemployment rate is, however, in the first quarter to 17.4 percent. The European Commission also expects that next year the 20-percent mark beyond. Even experts from rising numbers at the end of the summer season in September from. This seems also the southern European country, the recession until 2011, thus later than the other states of the European Union behind you.