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For real estate subject to different valuation models

Since 2009, the Tax Offer or the inheritance of property at full market value. Crucial to the assessment of houses and flats is now the nature of the property. "The valuation rules are based on the valuation of the Building Regulation," says Rudolf Pauli, specializing in tax law, Deloitte & Touche GmbH in Munich has now been in real estate in many cases, only 60 percent of the market considered.

Real Estate

Now, between developed and undeveloped land and the latter between those with different ownership and rent. "Given this market-oriented evaluation scale in comparison to the previous evaluation in most cases with a significantly higher value to be expected," says Pauli. This is due to higher allowances partly compensated. An exception exists for spouses and children: If the spouse or the children inherited the property at least ten years as a primary residence use, the tax office empty-handed. In this case, it is irrelevant how much the property is worth. Is this before the end of ten years sold or leased or the relocated home will be - depending on the value of the property - a tax. Children who inherit a property, but must be no inheritance tax or gift tax paid, if the living space less than 200 square meters is (more on this in Part 2 of the series). The value of undeveloped land is calculated by multiplying the size of the site with the land. The latter are determined by expert committees.

In real estate, the value is either the basis of a comparison, or income but one method. "Land with a largely uniform buildings are assessed the comparative method," says Attorney Pauli. These prices are for properties with similar characteristics compared.

For typical properties such as residential properties for letting, contact the financial officer earning the procedure. In this case, the value essentially depends on the local rental. "Can not identify comparison, the asset value process," says Attorney Pauli.

But no matter which valuation model is used: In each case, the taxpayer may, with the help of opinions demonstrated a lower value when it is due to the high value of the financial officers feel discriminated. "An opinion is always useful if the property is in a worse state of preservation, when the land prices for land are relatively high or the object is partially empty stands," says Christopher Riedel, specializing in tax law at the law firm Beiten Burkhardt mbH. But the opinion can quickly expenditures from 1000 euro or more is incurred. "The importance of appraisals will still rise," is a specialist Pauli convinced. But in the opinion there are two main hooks: "The opinion is subject to free evaluation by management and the courts. It must therefore not automatically be accepted," says Attorney Riedel. In addition, heirs noted that the authorities begin a so-called basis for the decision to create inheritance setting. "Taxpayers must necessarily oppose the basis of decision to proceed, if they are in terms of valuation not so sure," says the Attorney Düsseldorfer Riedel.



Not only is the valuation of real estate, but also by insurance companies has changed since the beginning of the year. Not yet matured capital, life and annuity insurance are now with the surrender value of the policies applied. So far, the insurance companies with a value of two-thirds of the premiums already paid into the heritage. "Thus only remain significantly lower tax benefits - provided that the surrender value of the policy is below the market," says Attorney Pauli.