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Dubious deals in Majorca

Spanish corruption investigators take the conservative politicians in the People's Party Visor - General Secretary María Dolores complains about the "police state".
To their efforts is the police of the holiday island of Mallorca at present not to be envied. Still running, unsuccessfully, to search for the members of the Basque terrorist organization ETA, which last week killed two policemen.
The holidays in Mallorca the Royal Family can often look to normalcy and to suggest so, despite the constant postings worried tourism industry to help.
Loads of material
And then came even "Operation Sword" added: This code word of the anti-government running a large number of officials from a large-scale raid. My interest was allegedly murky transactions for the construction of the "Palma Arena", a Bahnrad plant, which now mainly serves as a concert hall.
Loads of material transported from the investigators, until Thursday night was attended by seven persons, including several officials from the conservative Popular Party PP. They are suspected in public money in millions of dollars to have misappropriated.
The investigations are a further serious blow to the reputation of the PP. Spain's main opposition party has been for months because of numerous scandals and Affärchen in the twilight.
On Friday the allegations dominated the PP General Secretary María Dolores de Cospedal the headlines, the opposition would "like in a police state" is. PP politicians have their claims to have been illegally tapped. The Socialist government dismissed it vigorously back. De Cospedal should submit evidence or retract the allegations.
A statement critical of the government newspaper El Mundo that the government have been taken over by the Socialists in 2004, a total of 43 conservative politicians and only 20 have been arrested socialists.
We are talking about millions
In the affair of the "Palma Arena" we are talking about millions. It stands for buildings, in the tenure of former Prime Minister of the Balearic Islands (2003 to 2007) and former Spanish Environment Minister Jaume Matas, emerged.
The investigations were recorded, as Matas' socialist successor, Francesc Antich, the demands of contractors in the amount of 45 million euro versus saw. In reviewing the documentation was found that the Hall Bahnrad not, as initially forecast, 47 million euros had, but more than twice as much.
That the 100-million mark was broken, was amongst other things, that were paid for work that can not been done - or the work done, which were hopelessly overpriced. In part, they were not advertised.
The events surrounding the "Palma Arena" are not the only offensive Deals on Majorca. In recent years, on the island of twelve conservative leaders have been arrested, currently terminate seven investigations, in which five ministries for deals from Matas era targeted the judiciary are advised.
Olympic champion arrested
Not to mention various Bauskandalen which affect several municipalities of Mallorca - Andratx and foremost, the "champion of urban planning scandals," as the newspaper El País found. Matas even watched the events from a safe distance. After his election defeat of 2007, he a job as a tourism consultant in the U.S..
Arrested was also the former sports commissioner of the Balearic Islands Government, a familiar face. It is José Luis "Pepote" Ballester, in 1996 at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, won gold in sailing and often photos with members of the royal family was to be seen. The son of the King, the former professional handball Iñaki Urdangarín is friends with him.
Ballester is in local media reports with the millions of heavy buying of the electrical display of the "Palma Arena" in connection have been brought. A specimen was found but not yet. In each case the table as a nuisance, since it is not only oversized, but overkill.
A few weeks ago, the world cycling federation UCI attached the official license for train cycling denied. The reason: poor workmanship.