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Crisis Winners Property

Nobody can now say what the long-term effects of the financial crisis are expected. Surely keeping the banks do not change '. But even in the minds of the people be improved by the economic turmoil of recent months have moved a lot - for example in relation to the investment and its products.

Some goods for investment funds and shares before year yet hip, the disdain most people here in a recent study shows that such investments now. For them, playing mainly the issue of security is a big role - a boost for traditional investments such as real estate, gold, or the savings.

A recent survey of the Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) confirms this trend. "Since late last year are especially safe investment opportunities in demand," explains Reinhard Klein, retail executive at the Haspa. The North German house money surveyed 800 representative selected Hamburger citizens of their most popular forms of investment. They wanted the bank does not know who is what actually invested, but the investments against the backdrop of financial crisis, positive or negative than previously assessed.

Also in this survey, the traditional forms of investment made the race with the Real Estate at square 1 The savings and the savings - always popular, but stamped as boring - have clearly won image. The red lantern in the list on the other hand, hold shares and investment funds.

Better-paid workers are looking for real estate
On the property as a safe investment relying mainly households with a monthly net income of more than 4,000 euros. Also, the gender perspective brought interesting results emerged: the hitherto traditionally more risk-willing men were safety-oriented investment in the scale of values very clearly.