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Court Deal in Andratx Scandal on Majorca

One need only insightful, self-confessed, a little money and already pay to get in Mallorca without a significant penalty thereof. How can the current process in Andratx together.
ANDRATX: In the course of the process to the corruption scandal in connection with the ex-mayor Eugenio Hidalgo, now is the way to the demolition of an illegally built house. The owner of this house, which also is accused of corruption, was remorseful.
A resident said that before a court in Palma of document forgery and infringement of building guilty and confessed to a nearly 200-square-meter site in the community, which actually protected is to have built. The man also said that a portion of the amount required for the demolition is necessary will be provided immediately. In return, the residents now pay a fine like this.
The Mayor, Baudezernent and other members of the community are still in court. They are probably a prison sentence not come around.