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Coastal Act: demolition order for beach bars in Mallorca

The continued existence of most beach bars in Mallorca is secured. The Spanish coast law that private property on the beach does not allow, in the Balearic Islands has consequences only for three of the 107 existing beach bars, such as the head of the Balearic coastal protection authority, Alomar Celesti confirmed. The affected chiringuitos are located in the bay of Palma and the bay of Alcúdia. Two will be the end of the summer off, so Celesti. In the case of the Beach Club Cafe in Alcúdia Playero is however currently being negotiated on the local shrink, and so the legal requirements to be met. The problem of illegal beach bars is mainly on the Spanish mainland in Andalusia distributed, so Celesti the Balearic Islands on the other hand, were barely affected.

The hotel had an image before the injury warned if a larger number of beach bars on Mallorca would disappear. They were a symbol of the island and an important part of the vacation industry, was to consider Aurelio Vázquez, president of the association of hotel chains. The State Minister for Tourism, Joan Mesquida, said that with the Spanish Environment Ministry is in dialogue and in critical cases, are looking for flexible solutions.