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Cash on hand please!

Private landlords in the Canary Islands Spain are among the masters in the "Tax-bounce" - Nearly 70 percent of the rental income from the private rental at the tax office collects over.
Spain, Madrid: According to a statistics GESTHA (Union of Professionals of the Economic and Finance Ministry) to the tax authorities in the Canary Islands in the year more than 140 million euros through the cloth. This is due to the nearly 70 percent of the apartments and houses which are in the rent, but where no formal charges on the rental income to the tax paid. In plain English this means: The rents for these objects are 'black' to the respective owners paid. In the Canaries, it is absolutely not unusual for the landlord in person at the end of the month when the tenants abkassiert.
Such payments shall be made in many cases' cash on hand ', this fact makes it the investigators of the financial authorities disproportionately severe, such fraud cases investigated. With nearly 70 per cent 'black rent', the Canary Islands spain far in third place, only in Catalonia and Valencia will be even more black-Tribune.
Every year around 140 million euros, which, in the Canary Islands every year on the tax passed in the pockets of landlords hiking, divided as follows among the provinces of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz on: In the province of Las Palmas missing Finanzamt 78.9 million euros in the year in the province of Santa Cruz there are still 65.2 million euros a year, the tenants' cash and black 'to the landlord of the housing pay.
Even more dramatic is the situation for experts GESTHA (Union of Professionals of the Economic and Finance Ministry), if one considers that in the current survey garages, shops, offices and storage rooms were not taken into account