Majorca Property News

Capacity building with leased properties in Mallorca

Whoever is funding a rented house can be built on the rental income rather simply an asset. Is that tempting: Not even three percent interest on a home loan, and the cash on the deposit account is also gone. The unanimous opinion of experts, is that soon, inflation eats everything. So concrete gold may be the best investment. A flat, a villa, a country house, or even a small apartment house in Mallorca. Now or never - but how?

Anyone who thinks so, thinks right in principle - but for sheer excitement may or minute panic nothing wrong. Investment properties are not for people looking for a quick profit though the sale profit of up to late 2012 in Mallorca real estate acquired in half is tax-free - regardless of when this Mallorca property later sold again. The goal: not only financed by the tenant interest on loans, the repayment of the loan as well. Thanks to the current interest rate mini feasible.

High financing period pays

Although property prices have again risen significantly in many places, but thanks to the favorable interest rates are several objects still profitable. It follows: finance at least 15 years to preserve the special offer. To arrange two percent eradication. Then at the end of the fixed interest already paid off about 40 percent, so the - most likely - higher rate of follow-up financing not smash the entire structure.

Individual dwellings or small apartment buildings, you can also manage themselves - saving even more money, but it costs time and nerves. For the tenant to call when the toilet is clogged - Experience has shown that over the weekend. On the other hand: who with his long-time tenants, generous and reasonable deal, has fewer problems than the petty penny-pincher. Another alternative is the vacation rental of real estate abroad.

Crisis-proof concrete Gold

This income statement is missing a point to which each investor like lying: The net rate of return is lower because the capital invested as fixed deposits, dropped a small profit would have been (which could ever even be tax-free after taking advantage of the franchise). But it would not be crisis-proof concrete gold.