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Cabrera (Illa de Cabrera) is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea to the archipelago of the Balearic Islands (islas Baleares) belongs. Although the island administratively part of the much better-known resort island of Majorca and the capital of Mallorca, Las Palmas, Cabrera is simply suppressed on most holidays and travel guides for Mallorca, the Balearic Islands or Spain. 
The island of Cabrera (German: Goat Island) is much smaller than 13 kilometers distant island of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca or Formentera, but she is despite being only 16 square kilometers in area, a Spanish and proud picturesque island, where in addition to Spanish, as well as in Mallorca Catalan is also spoken. 
Holiday Cabrera is because of the very limited supply of apartments probably the exception that mass tourism has been completely unknown to Cabrera. The only 20 inhabitants of the Balearic island you present the holiday guests, but like the numerous bays, capes and the highest point of the island, the 127-meter-high Na Picamosques. 
It is called the capital of Port and also the port of Cabrera, of which consists of the only possible arrival to the island via ferry. To Cabrera lie about other smaller islands are uninhabited, however. The entire Cabrera archipelago consists of 18 islands with a total of 18.36 kilometers ² and a coastline of 54 kilometers, consisting of rocky sections and small Badbuchten. Except Illa de Cabrera himself the following islands are part of the Cabrera Archipelago: Estel de Fora, Coll of Estel, Estel de s'Esclata Sang, Estel Xapats (two islands), Illa de l'Imperial, the Conills Illa, Illa de ses Bledes, Illa de ses Council, Illa of Fonoll, L'Esponja, Na Foradada, Na Plana, Pobra Na, Na Redona, s'Illot Foradada and s'Illot Pla de na. 
The entire island group to Cabrera, a Spanish national park and deserted except for some residents or staff of the garrison, de facto. The scenic beauty has not hurt the rest: After a few years ago, the wild goats were taken away from Cabrera, kahlzufressen which all Green threatened to Cabrera was the final tip for an island excursion. 
The island offers beaches like Cala Gandulf, Cala Santa Maria and Cala Ambuxa and a beautiful natural harbor worth visiting caves and caverns. Among the most famous include the Cova Blava () "Blue Grotto". Other caves in Cabrera called the Cova and Cova Mastral of Amica. Wonderful photo opportunities for nature photography also offer the many capes of the island Carbrera. The Cape of Cabrera called Xurigué Cap, Cap des Moro Boti, Ventós Cap, Cap de sa Carabassa, Cap Falco, Punta de Anciola (with the lighthouse Carbrera), Cap and Cap de Vermell LLebeitx. 
A trip to the Balearic island of Cabrera is possible with excursion boats (Golondrinas) from Mallorca. The boats operate year round from Colonia de Sant Jordi (duration of journey: 30 minutes) and daily from Porto Petro, 1 May to 30 September (75 minutes). Private boats will need for the private visit to Free State approval, issued daily, but only 50 of which are prescribed and anchorages in the small port of Cabrera.