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Bikini Controversy in Spain

The tourists think of nothing: If they are long enough to the beach and a city tour company want to leave Spain so many visitors to their equal in swimwear.
In bikini or swimsuit they stroll in Barcelona, Malaga or Palma de Mallorca through the shopping streets. When the locals broke the half-town visitors meanwhile considerable unease. This went so far as to call for a ban of bikini-Spanish cities was loud.
Bikini and swimsuit are considered by the Spaniards on the beach and the beach promenade. When shopping at a local or visiting the city to wear bathing suit, is however considered to be unseemly. «Barcelona, with all due respect, not a resort like Lloret de Mar and Salou," said Emili Sarrión, president of a merchants' association in the Catalan capital, the newspaper "El País". "The dress plays a role."
Jordi Clos, president of the Hoteliers Association in Barcelona, went a step further and demanded the city should walk in swimsuit or bikini on the Las Ramblas prohibit. "Such a ban does not mean repression, but order," said the federation boss. "In London or Paris are not tourists in bathing suit by the city."
Some associations of businessmen and residents supported the call for a bikini ban. The vast majority of business associations as well as the leaders in the affected cities, however, spoke against it and called for a cautious approach. "The tour could include a few holiday tips and point out that when you stroll through the town should be neatly dressed," beat Barcelona City Assumpta Escarp before.
The Chairman of the Tourist Association in Mallorca, Alvaro Middelmann man who was to consider a ban would at the time of the Franco dictatorship (1939-1975) remembered. "It would be in that era back feel, where the police went to the beach and all the tourists inside a fine aufbrummten, wore a bikini," he told the newspaper "Diario de Mallorca". The bikini was in strict immoral to Spain in the 60s banned. Benidorm, Marbella and Santander were the first cities, which reached that the regime abandon its tough line, and at certain beaches wearing bikinis tolerated.
At this bikini controversy is not about the wearing of Two on the beach, but in the city. The seaside resort of Sitges near Barcelona has in its regulations indicate that walkers in the streets of the city should be neatly dressed, but not threatened with fines. In Malaga on the Costa del Sol stick to the inputs of individual local icons that indicate that passengers in swimwear are not desired.
The newspaper "La Gaceta" discovered a remarkable contrast to the neighboring country of France: "While the French are debating whether the burka (full veil) from the street scene ban should be discussed in Spain over a bikini ban. When one is too much covers, in the other too little. "