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Mallorca Real Estate: More German retirees buy property in Mallorca

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The buying of a finca or apartment in Mallorca is the beginning of the dream from a retirement in the sunny south will be come true. Here are the most...

Property Mallorca: Mallorca vacation homes for rent or buy?

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A property on Majorca – buy or rent long-term? What must be considered in the decision? What special features are taken into account? What options...

Mallorca real estate: The number of property sales in Majorca rises

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The number of sales of real estate in Mallorca has increased in the first quarter of 2010. Discounts are not expected.

The number of home sales in...

Mallorca Real Estate: Agroturismo (Country Hotel) Mallorca

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Mallorca country hotels fight on many fronts, but a country hotel (Agroturismo) on Mallorca is a luxury treat to many people.

Holiday cottages -...

Property Mallorca: renovation of hotels easier

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New law aims to facilitate the renovation of the hotels on Mallorca

The parties in the Balearic Parliament have agreed on a new law that aims to...

Mallorca real estate: AM Inmobiliaria y Promociones Property Mallorca in new premises

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The launch of Mallorca's luxury Center number 1 is at 01 th of August 2010

On 31 July 2010 receives the largest luxury mall in Spain, the...

Mallorca Real Estate: The cathedral in Palma is being renovated

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The ceramic Gaudi in the Capella Reial should be restored. The approval of this has now been issued.

They have lost their luster a bit. The...

Mallorca Property: Mallorca must save 15 bilion Euros

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Salary reductions, no increases in pensions, savings in the public hand-Mallorca must tighten their belts. Trade unions threaten to strike.


Mallorca Real Estate: Redevelopment of the Playa de Palma

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Emergency legislation to expedite the demolition of old hotels and the modernization of the Playa de Palma. Parallel to this law, wants the Balearic...

Mallorca real estate: Majorca dreams of DTM race

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The fact that Mallorca is the favorite island of the German, knows everyone. Now the affection for the Balearic island, are still supported by...