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But this name awakens our longing for the South. Mallorca's 350,000 inhabitants strong metropolis enchanted with scenic harbor atmosphere, imaginative Art Nouveau architecture, exclusive designer shops, lively cultural scene and trendy night life venues. The Mallorcan call their Mediterranean dream city simply "La Ciutat" - the city.
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The capital of the Spanish island, Palma de Mallorca, is the focal point of the transport network of the Balearic Islands. Therefore a particularly important role is played by the port in Palma de Mallorca. Below the Cathedral and the Palau de S'Almudaina projects a pier into the sea - from there extends the port of Palma approximately 3 km to the southwest to the long pier of Porto Pi He is one of the largest ports in the Western Mediterranean, in the. per year also create 1.6 million Bandaged pass. From the sea Palmas old lighthouse can be seen already from a distance of 22 nautical miles. At least at night or in fog. On the other hand, the country still in operation after the "Torre de Hercules" in Galicia La Coruña and the "Torre della Lanterna" of Genoa oldest lighthouse in the world ekes out a shadowy existence. Since its founding by the Romans, the city of Palma had a harbor. At that time the city was barely enough beyond the area that is now taking on the district Almudaina. A deep harbor surrounded the city on the east side, ie the area of ​​present-day Avenida Antonio Maura, the Paseo del Borne and Calle Unión were flooded by the sea. In fact, in the 19th century a Roman anchor was found just in front of the Teatro Principal (Main Theater). It is at this point probably ended the riverbed of Riera, where is the promenade of Rambla today. This harbor entrance served in the Roman and Muslim period probably as Kai. Before a short Kai from the epoch of musulmanischen Empire was in the course of construction of the Paseo del Borne, in the amount of Calle Constitución, found. In this historic Islamic period several shipyards were built just before the palace of the Emir, now Palace of Almudaina. Even today we can see the bow, which offered access to these shipyards in the gardens of s'Hort del Rei. Later, other yards were built outside the walled musulmanischen area, on the square, the (historically for shipyard) is now called Atarazanas, next to the Consulado del Mar. Also at this time the bay of Porto Pi as a natural safe haven for ships was at storms used. Homepage: Coordinates: 39 ° 32 ?? N - 02º 33 ?? e Phone: 0034- (971) 68-10-55 In the capital of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca; around the marina of Palma de Mallorca, refer to the Real Estate Agents Real Estate Mallorca AM chalets near the beach, flats and apartments overlooking the sea, hotel properties, hostels and construction-ready land for residential real estate.