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Beach Cala Deia

The Cala Deia is one of steep rock walls surrounded, semi-circular bay between Deia and Llucalcari on the west coast of Majorca. There is a small jetty and two beach bars (beach bars, restaurants) on the sides.
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Even if one is held on coarse gravel and hard rock to soft sand, is the Cala Deia popular Ausflusgziel the west coast. Who is on the steep slopes above the village, hardly get the idea that hidden on the coast a beach. But if you follow the tree-fruit plantations River (which, however, in the summer often little water leads), you come to a small, lined by towering rocky bay. Cala Deia is surrounded by medium-high rock walls. The beach consists of a mixture of coarse sand, gravel and boulders. The water is turquoise green and crystal clear. A footpath leads to Sa Pedrissa, where a fortified tower against pirate attacks has been built. Cala Deia you can walk down on a footpath directly from Deia. But most go by car the narrow and winding path down to the sea. The parking spaces are metered. The gravelly beach lined with some quaint boathouses. There are two well-known, excellent seafood restaurants, the wooden buildings seem dangerously close to hanging over the water. The water is crystal clear and fresh, some days quite wavy. Who would not want to walk down from the village, can also drive, but the parking space is limited, especially in the summer months. Directly on the beach there is a restaurant whose rice and fish dishes are highly recommended. Otherwise, there are no services. Around the beach Cala Deia is the product line of "AM Real Estate Mallorca" charming apartments in manicured grounds with communal pool, beautiful single-family homes near the beach, villas with views of the Mediterranean, villas and cottages in scenic location and lucrative investment and hotel properties.