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Santanyi, уникальный проект для 11 вилл недалеко от пляжа L00974

Уникальный проект на Майорке в течение 11 вилл, в стиле кантри на автономные районе, недалеко от пляжа в Cala Figuera. Цена: 5.500.000 € плюс 21% НДС
Santanyi вилл земельных участков для строительства из одиннадцати вилл в Cala Figuera
  • Santanyi вилл земельных участков для строительства из одиннадцати вилл в Cala Figuera
  • Santanyi проект роскошных вилл на Stran в Cala Figuera на Майорке
  • Santanyi Fincaplot купить для виллы на Майорке
  • Купить или арендовать недвижимость Santanyi, Cala Figuera

Exclusive plot of land with project for 11 villas, country-style in Cala Figuera on the edge of the nature reserve Mondrago. This 196.000 m² estate surrounded by Mediterranean countryside is located in the municipality of Santanyi, in the southeast of the island, just 3 minutes from the beaches of Cala Mondrago, S'Amarador, Cala Santanyi and numerous small romantic bays away. The golf course Vall Dor, the romantic fishing village of Cala Figuera and the marinas of Porto Petro and Cala Dor are in close proximity. The terrain consists of 11 plots, where 9 plots have planning permission for one house between 400 m² and 600 m² of living space. The other two plots are already built, one plot with a country house and a living area of 140 m², the other plot with a shell of a villa with 450 m² of living space. Al plots have a mains electricity connection and are connected to the public water supply. On some of the properties are small country house ruins located, the plot number 8 has the "general interest" of the island's government to build a riding club with a total space of 2.400 m². A magnificent view of the mountains, the surrounding countryside and even the sea in the distance from the upper floor complete this exclusive project. Price: 5.500.000 € plus 21 % VAT

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