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Santanyi, город строящийся дом близко к центру S01713

Таунхаус на завершение по вкусу в тихом переулке дом близко к центру в Santanyi. Цена: 532.000 €

Efficiency: F

Santanyi таунхаус с большим садом в тихом переулке
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The town of Santanyi is not called the Pearl of the South East for no reason. The well-kept village with its restored houses, a year-round well-functioning infrastructure, rich cultural offering, the famous weekly market, fine dining, and proximity to some of the most beautiful bays on the island are part of the many advantages of this place. In a quiet side street, a few steps from the town centre located is this half renovated townhouse from 1939, with its very attractive stone facade on approximately 461 m² plot of land. The house with its 254 m² of living space is in an extended shell condition and offers on the ground floor a spacious entrance hall, kitchen, living room, office, guest room with en suite bathroom. Upstairs is the master bedroom with dressing area, en suite bathroom and two balconies, two further bedrooms and a bathroom. The connections for electricity, water, telephone and sewerage are placed. Price: 532.000 €