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Santanyi, Finca участок с основным проекта G00725

недалеко от природного парка "Mondrago" расположен этой прекрасной земли с планированием разрешения. Цена: 320.000 €
Майорка недвижимости Агенты недвижимости Земельный Finca Santanyi
  • Майорка недвижимости Агенты недвижимости Земельный Finca Santanyi
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  • Недвижимость брокеры Santanyi Santanyi Майорка ФИНКА ФИНКА агент по недвижимости
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27.000 sqm big rustic plot perfect situated in only 2km distance to the beaches S´Amarador and Mondrago as well as to the town Santanyi. The plot is complete enclosed with a natural stone wall in perfect conditions and has two accesses. A basic project and the building licence for a country-house with 300 sqm of living space is valid. The country-house can be enlarged up to 500 sqm of living space. The connections to the public electricity and water supply are possible. The town of Santanyi is not called the Pearl of the South East for no reason. The well-kept village with its restored townhouses, a year-round well-functioning infrastructure, rich cultural offering, the famous weekly market, fine dining, and proximity to some of the most beautiful bays on the island are part of the many advantages of this place. 320.000 €