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Porreres Чтобы отремонтировать сельский дом с коттеджей F01905

Усадьба в Поррерас с 64.047 м² земли и 663 м² быть отремонтированы площадь в четырех отдельных домов и конюшен. Цена: 695.000 €

Efficiency: F

Купить Country House Ruin с большим участком в Поррерас
  • Купить Country House Ruin с большим участком в Поррерас
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  • Продажа домов в Поррерас в юго-Мальорка
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The Finca Son Artigues is a small country estate about 3 km outside of the village Porreres, in the southeast of Mallorca. On 64.047 m² plot of land located are several country-houses in need of renovation with a total floor space of 663 m². The main house from 1850 is located in the center of the finca and is surrounded by a total of four servants' houses and stables. The finca is connected to the public electricity and water supply. The village of Porreres has a modern infrastructure. To get to Porreres uses the small country road that leads from Llucmajor to Porreres, and this is truly one of the most scenic secondary roads in Mallorca. Anyone driving Tuesday morning to Porreres, is in good company: Half the village is on the legs on the way to the weekly market. The 67 years old family estate "Bodega Jaume Mesquida", which includes 30 hectares of vineyards, is probably one of the most famous wineries in the Balearic Islands and is located on the outskirts. A must is a visit to the mountain monastery of Monti-sion, three kilometers outside the village.

Price: 695.000 €